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It was nasty. As it took me longer than I anticipated to get a clear head back…and still, I am not quite back 100% but getting closer every day.

In the meantime…many changes are brewing. Phoebe is winding down her senior year. Each week seems to take on a theme, a life of its own…the “LAST” this and that...Phoebe is much more sentimental than Tate and more involved in school politics so her duties run far and wide. She was recently rewarded an EMILY COURIC MERIT scholarship and will be honored the day before her 18th birthday at a luncheon in honor of all the girls locally (8) who were nominated . I am so proud of my girl. But it is bittersweet….I am not quite sure I can picture my life without her nearby…it is going to be a rough one..letting go. But she is on to amazing things!


Which brings me to the next big change…or impending change.

We are putting My Old Country House on the market.

I cannot even believe I am writing these words but I do believe that it is time to live a little smaller and a little simpler. We had a realtor here today, someone who is very familiar with old properties such as ours and hopefully his recommendations with be fair and we will get the ball rolling. Soon. Spring is the time to sell right? gulp.

The kids in the driveway 2004
The kids in the driveway 2004

It won’t happen overnight…and who knows, it may not even happen…but I am embracing the possibility and if it is meant to be , I am ready to let go of this amazing home which has served us so well all these years. We moved into this house with babys…Tate was just a first grader…the time goes so fast! So very much has changed.

Updates to come…Thank you for taking this journey with me. Truly – Thank you.

TATE on a Hay Bale!
TATE on a Hay Bale!



  1. I’ve had the flu bug too…just feel drained. Hope you’re on the road to recovery! Wow, selling this home is going to be quite a change. Whoever buys it will be so blessed! Downsizing is hard but very rewarding.


  2. Please don’t let the sale of your beautiful home be the end of your blog! I want to see what you do next!

      1. Great! I have incorporated many of your design suggestions into my own home so I would feel as if I had lost a friend and teacher if you were to end your blog. So glad to be able to see what comes next!

  3. So sorry you had the flu – hope you recover the rest of the way quickly!
    It’s so hard to make those transitions…so bittersweet. You want them to grow up but you know life will never be the same. She sounds like an amazing young lady!
    Best wishes on the house. We will be facing that in about a year.

  4. Wishing you all the best with all of these Big Life changes! I’ve had two kids leave for college as well with the youngest still at home. I think it has given him the chance to be the single focus of attention for the first time in his life. We’ve had to back off a little to be honest as he’s OK with not having quite so much of our attention 🙂

  5. wow, I step away for a few buys months and suddenly your country house is done and you’re moving on. Many of my friends have this theme right now and the answers to ‘what’s next’ are surprisingly difficult. I always thought this would be a freeing time but I’m not finding it so. instead I feel responsibility to find a home for ‘things’ that I’m not ready to part with and places I’m not ready to leave and mostly the responsibility to get the next part of my life right. oh dear. your house is wonderful and I’m not surprised that it sold very quickly. I’ll be very interested to see what’s next and where it happens…no pressure!

    1. Our house is not listed just yet but it will be over the next week. I never doubt this decision, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. I never raised three kids and a house this was the one. And those times were so very special. They will remain special whether we live here or not. And the space is just too big to be down to one child. I know staying would just be too much. Too many echoes. Too many little voices heard around the corner. I think it’s time to start fresh

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