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Sometimes, more often than not…it is the little make-overs that float my boat…Make my day…inject a dose of HAPPY into my life. Such is the case with the Upstairs hall Gallery wall frames.I simply painted them GOLD.


Let me insert here that…while I hope this is simply a refection of my severely over worked HOUSE-  imposed A-D-D…most “makeovers” of any kind have about a 9 months to a year turnaround …of late. And of course there are things like ..well I don’t need to tell you that the Master Bathroom door is still sitting in our upstairs hall…unfinished…


SO when I decided to do THE makeover – JUST TO PAINT THE GALLERY FRAMES GOLD…

IN JANUARY -first I took all the photos off the wall….

 In JUNE – IN DESPERATION, I paid Tate $20 to take the photos and glass out of each frame and to gently stack them as removed…so that the right photo went back into the correct frame because like the jeans at Old Navy…no two identical frames are actually “Identical”…


The last week of summer vacation arrived…Phoebe was recuperating from knee surgery in Living Room ONE and ALSO fighting a nasty cough/fever virus…while Cooper suffered through the cough /fever virus in Living ROOM TWO. I had a tad more time to think…just a tad..and I mustered up the thought…”Paint the gold frames!” and that I did…FINALLY…


….and since I had left the nails right in the wall…and since I have many photographs of the former black framed gallery  I was able (while watching “REVENGE” on netflix) and  RE-HANG the now snazzy gold painted frames…



It made me so happy…so what if I could have conceived and birthed a whole human in the same time frame…I GOT HER DONE!!!

(I swear I often feel like you are an old friend who has not been to the house in a while and for whom I am so excited to show these changes to..SO also on the list of things I finally accomplished and forgot to see you..I moved the aqua cabinet into the upstairs hall to use as a linen closet…



….it is perfect! There’s the Bathroom door…just where we left it a year and a half ago!


Wait until you see the dining room…baby steps…right!

My sweet Charlie knows all about baby steps...he is all better...time does heal...
My sweet Charlie knows all about baby steps…he is all better…time does heal…

CAMERA TIP – YOU will notice that all of my photos above are very “yellow”…I could not figure out what was up…it was so frustrating but FIXED IT! It was my “white balance” I just adjusted it…and now everything is back to normal…phew!




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  1. I think we’re on the same time frame for completing projects! I’ve had a half-painted bathroom for over a year now. Love the gold frames and the comment about “a dose of happy.” I totally get that.

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