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Partly because I tend to shy away from conflict and hot button topics and partly because I felt uneducated on politics and truth be told do not like speaking about things I know nothing about. I have tried to educate myself over the years…but I think I still lag behind.

So Thursday when I got a Train ticket to Washington DC to join the Women’s March it was like I was having an out-of-body experience. I kept thinking “Who is this person that feels so compelled to go?” But I had to go. I had not even considered going until that day…but a force of some kind was pulling me in.

I went alone and I went in cold. I honestly had no real idea what I would be walking into ,but I knew it was important, at age 58, to no longer be afraid . I did not have a pink hat, or a sign.

Ironically, I met at the train station, a group of women, not only from my town, but from my street…actual neighbors! They gave me a hat and I had my tribe to hang with. It felt so good to be so welcomed.

I was welcomed with open arms!!!

I did not vote for President Trump but I have not voted for half of the presidents in my voting lifetime, and still I have ALWAYS respected the office.  I raised my children to do the same. The President of the United States. It is a high honor, the highest. I will not debate here about President Trump’s merits or faults … the fact is – he IS our President. I will not fall into despair – in fact  I am still hopeful. It is the ONLY way I know how to be.

The MARCH, in many ways was awe-inspiring. To see so many thousands upon thousands of people come together for a common cause was breath-taking. The mood was inclusive and upbeat and connected. Men, women and children – together – to have their voices heard.

it was a powerful experience.

But, as I have processed the event, and read the news and social media … it has made me so sad.  To see, not a better world – but actually MORE name calling, MORE of a divide than ever…I was heartbroken to see that women who chose not to MARCH – were being made to feel bad…have been called a “disgrace” , or “weak”, or “uninspired”.  Really? What have we become? What happened to live and let live? Have I had my head in the clouds? Were we always this mean to those who see things differently? Wouldn’t it be SO much better to sit down with the people you LEAST understand and TRY to understand them??? We all might learn something.

My whole life I have known that half of the people I know and love are voting differently than me, held opposing opinions but that has never made us HATE or be so HATEful to each other ? What is that all about? It is Social media? Is the a group mentality thing? Why? This kept me awake ALL last night. I wondered “Did I SOMEHOW become part of the problem – not a solution, by choosing to March?” Am I really making any difference? I  want my Country to be a place where people can live together peacefully regardless of race or religion or political stance. Did this achieve that?

I honestly have no answer. I am not a fighter. I just want US to be as good as we CAN be. I am afraid the we may all be missing the mark. So here are the steps I am taking:

  • I am taking a big break from Facebook . It is not the news. It is just people fighting. (at least right now)  I do love the cute baby pictures…but I am just going to have to go elsewhere to get my puppy and baby fixes.
  • I am going to educate myself. read. read. and read until I can make some sense of it all.
  • And I promise not to talk politics here ever again. There are so many better places to learn the facts…That is not what this blog is for. I am not even sure why I wrote today’s post but I guess I just had to share my feelings.
  • thank you.
  • Me and My Pink hat! Thanks Alice!


13 thoughts on “MONDAY MORNING

  1. Well said Leslie! I wasn’t there but I have been so inspired by my friend’s posts on their experiences. It looked to be such a positive experience. Coming together is so important right now more than ever.

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart, Lesli! I share your optimism and hope, but it is a challenge now… 100,000 folks marched in Portland, Oregon…but the best story came from my friend Leslie in Montpelier, Vermont (America’s smallest capitol), where police had to close the highway exit to the city because the city was FULL! (I didn’t know a city could get full.) Even better…Bernie showed up!

  3. When I saw the political heading I thought “Oh no not another political post”. But your words are my thoughts. I’m not into politics and never have been. I do always vote albeit not as informed as I should be. I have never seen people so involved, so much anger and passion. I’m in my sixties and all my life I was told there are three things you don’t discuss, even with family members…religion, money and politics. Some people have lost their good sense, for sure their manners, and some even their religion over this election. A funny family saying we have when we have discussed, analyzed, problem solved a situation to death and still no answer is “Far into the night”. To this election fall out, I shake my head and say “far into the night”.

  4. Thanks for this post! Your views are mine entirely, on the mess we are in and the March. I had a wedding to go to on Saturday and so could not march, but loved seeing my friends’ posts and the posts from around the world. I am an optimist, and I don’t think that the majority of Americans are so ugly to each other. Social media magnifies everything! If you don’t mind, I might post this on FB as it is rational and respectful. Would that be alright?

  5. Hi Lesli I have followed your blog for quite some time and have remarked to my husband on more than one occasion that i thought that if I had known you in real life vs. blog land we would definitely be friends. As I read this post I once again questioned our decision to move to nj vs va!!!! Thanks for sharing your heart!!!

  6. Thank you for the post. I marched in Boston and was so inspired. I think we have to stand up for what we believe in and it was so wonderful to see all the peaceful people, women, men and children who want the world to know that we do not send a message of hate and disrespect. That is not what our country is and we were there to spread that message. Thanks again.

  7. Hi Lesli — I am in Canada, but there is certainly no shortage of coverage here — including arguments and name calling on both sides of the fence. It is driving me batty and my heart goes out to all Americans — regardless of their political views. I am taking a break from Facebook for a while too. I need to focus on the good stuff instead of all the negativity. I loved your post!

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