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The countdown has begun…the kids are officially on Christmas Vacation…
and more importantly…the world did not end.

Cassie’s Tree from Primitive and Proper
The next 10 days of blog posts will be “REVIEW” posts…
going back over the past year…highlights…low lights…
the best and the worst and everything in between. 
It still does not feel much like Christmas to me…but that will not stop me from some last minute impulse shopping this weekend…
I am looking forward to the Christmas eve candlelight service…I wish I could bottle how I feel…
sitting surrounded by my family, in the warm light, rosy cheeks and Christmas carols …

the inspired room (woodland tree)

….before I sign off…and leave you to the trees and your Christmases…I spent some time this week catching up on some of my Blogger Buddies and their Holiday Posts…many of them like me are still trying to get caught up…but many are into the groove, full force…and their beautiful trees reflect their Holiday Spirit…


Centational Girl – Kids Tree

Centsational Girl
Sanity Fair Blog

House of Smith’s (I grew up in a House of Smiths!)
Classic Casual Home
so enjoy Christmas eve-eve-eve-and I will see you on Monday…
Christmas eve!!!

I cannot wait to tell you some of the surprises I have in store for my family…but as they
are some of my BIGGEST fans…I cannot risk them seeing it here!!!
nighty night!

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