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My Grandmother’s Silver

 I inherited my Grandmothers Silver when I was in Graduate School. 
I am embarrassed to admit, that at the time, broke and immature, I really wished I had the cash. 
In fact I thought about selling it in during the lean days.
I was an idiot.
Thank Goodness, my Dad kept my beautiful silver safely tucked away.
and when we moved into our first house, he delivered it to me.
I have kept all of the original containers it came in. 
My Nana had taken Avocado green flatware drawer holders 
and she had meticulously lined each  of them with black velvet.

 …she cut each piece to fit perfectly…

And they fit perfectly in my hutch drawers.

 There are so many strange little pieces, that are the kids favorites…like these forks…

and these ice cream spoons…

…This “scooper” spoon…
…and especially these Chicken Claw tongs…

My Grandmother’s Name was;
 “Ruth Mallory Smith”
Mallory being her maiden name, and it is also my middle name.

This piece has a date on it, “1898-1923”.
 I wonder if it commemorated some special event?
 A retirement? An anniversary? A Birthday?
25 years of something?

I love my Grandmother’s Silver 
and when ever we use it, 
which is quite often,
 I think of her and all the meals
special ones and everyday ones,
she served. 
It connects me to her 
and it connects my family 

2 thoughts on “My Grandmother’s Silver

  1. And Mallory, my granddaughter! Ruth’s great-great granddaughter!!!! I think the date might be commemorating Ruth’s 25th birthday. If memory serves me right, Nana born in the Fall of 1898, and Aunt Mil in the Spring of 1899 – so they were the same age, but Ruth’s birth year was 98, not 99! (a bone of contention between the sisters-in-law, I think). Also 1923 is the year Leila-Jane was born. To think, Push-Presents are now expected to be jewels!

    Lesli – I love this blog and everything you bring to it!

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