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My Hutch – or – get your style on

….I have this little problem. I will go onto my computer to blog, for example last week, to ask the question: “how do I style my Hutch?” and then…two hours later, I was still reading beautiful blogs!
     I found a great one with hutch tips called…. Get you Martha On.LOVE THE NAME!!

Get Your Martha On

OMG, she is hilarious! What a wonderful sense of humor and I love her ideas and her outlook on life. Her outlook on hutches was not quite as promising, but honestly, there really is not a right or wrong way…I mean, to style a hutch. (geez there are times I think to myself…”seriously?”- !)

    a history lesson …according me…The original purpose, if you will, of the hutch was to make available things you might need when you were setting your table, or serving a meal. However, these days, we have kitchen cabinets for those things, and the hutch really is more decorative. For a while, in my “lets use the china everyday!” phase, I had Auntie Mils china on my hutch,

our hutch before I painted it…the second time…

and it looked good, but again, kinda prissy, and besides I have plenty of cabinet space and really don’t need it out getting dusty and rattling and breaking every time the kids run through and across our bouncy OLD floors. and plus, I move the dining room and now, the hutch really does double duty as my MOM desk for the kids stuff, mail, etc…

  So, at the suggestion of my fashionista friend, Emily, I painted my hutch. and I used spray paint, and used a color that is called “Straw flower”. It looks very much like Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow. I really don’t use much yellow, or gold, I did that gig already, in Oh such a big way. But when Emily stepped into my dining room, and I said “what is missing?”. she said “yellow!!! you need yellow, some warmth, some sunshine!!”. She said she looks at a room like she looks at an outfit and if she had on all the colors in my room, browns and blues, she would add a yellow or gold necklace. So, never one to waste time, I went out, found the paint, dragged the huge Hutch out into the yard, and in between rain drops, painted it. I painted the back ivory, for some dimension. and now…

I gotta change those pulls in the center, they bug me…

I was inspired by this TO DIE FOR beautiful wall art print by
entitled “Hope it the thing…”
and I painted this….on a 20″ x 20″  1 1/2″ deep canvas
pulling colors from the rooms…and inserting my Children’s names…
easy peasy – easy peasy!

I LOVE my Droll design Canisters, I have had them since I got married…16 years!

The pig plate is old Anthropologie, the tureen is Droll designs
and the sugar.creamer are Fioreware, sadly no longer sold.


Now I must move on because…

I LOVE it!

Alas I have just “styled” it with the things I used daily in the dining room so it is functional.
but I gotta go cause….