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I owned a co-op in New York City
 at the time..it was in a “on the edge” neighborhood and now…well lets just say you can see the Museum of Natural History from my street…
….No longer on the edge!!!

Oh my I was such a baby!!!!
eventually…my life took me away from NYC and I sold the Co-Op.
…..and last week…I
became facebook friends
with the person who bought it…
We had become friends at the time, but over the years and kids, lost touch.
It was SO wonderful to reconnect.
She told me that she had lived in ….
“our” apartment until JUST last year…when she finally sold it and moved
down the block…
Here are some of the online photos…
of the
the layout…it was so sweet, I LOVED it!
here are some photos, from the real estate listing.
It appears from the photos that it might have been empty and that
the photos were
funny concept…any of you know more about this?
anyhoo…The SWEET 500 SQ foot apartment was so wonderful.
I loved the brick wall and the fireplace and I am glad it was never painted.
though it looks as if she added built ins and some bookcases….nice touch….
I loved the parquet  floors that kind of clicked when you walked across them…the neighbor, a writer who worked from home,  used to complain about my cats playing all day…oh well.
(or ARE THE REALLY any conicidences?)
While digging through family photos….
I  found these photos of me in THE APARTMENT
late 1980’s!
This Living room measures 17′ x 9′ and the door to the right goes to the  massive 9′ x  7′ bedroom!
SEE ….The dining table on the left, with Elliot the cat sitting upon it?

THAT was my VERY first piece of furniture

I ever owned that my parents did not hand down to me
and it NOW is the coffee table below….!!!

Now let me remind you
in the mid to late 1980’s…
YES! Hard to believe with all that Madonna
and Bruce Springsteen  running around
That Shumacher prints and FOLK ART were as popular as
 Chevron and Industrial Chic and Jonathan Adler are now.
In fact, MY TWO favorite stores on Madison Avenue
were the “AMERICAN FOLK ART” store
and  an incredible Quilt store.
and of course…
This print, which I still have, I bought out of the back of Country Living Magazine…yes, you could
Yes!!! You could buy things out of magazines…furniture art and in this case…signed prints of PAINTINGS!!!!.
….so there you have it…I guess I have gone full circle…
I started off in an Old 1880’s building and now
I live in a house…
built in 1880!!!


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  1. good morning lesli.ever since i was a little girl,i am 34years old now,i said to my parents that when i got married i wanted to live in the house i grew up in, which was built some time before the 1920’s not only because i was attached to it, but because it was a house full of love,and it provided me with endless daydreaming and planning of how to better it in any way i could.i have lived for a couple of years in the city after finishing highschool, in a very small apartment, but we still returned to our our house in the village after that.then i got married and i am happy to say that to this day i am still making the most of every old thing this house has to offer while continuing to make plans about changes i want to make to make this lovely house even more beautiful.i dont know how you feel, but i appreciate greatly living not so much in the buzz of everyday life.its so quiet here in our small village overlooking the sea and mountains that i would not change it for anything.always love your posts,keep it up!

  2. This is so sweet. How fun to reconnect with an old space. And I love that you still have some of the same furniture – slightly varied, of course. Great trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing, liz

  3. I had a similar experience years ago when I first started getting on the computer. I came across someone’s site that showed this apartment complex in the town where our first apartment was. Looking closer, and then sending an email, I found out that it WAS the apartment complex where we lived!! Seriously, it is a small world! It’s so much fun to have something trigger those memories!

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