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     A writer from the Washinton Post Express,
Beth Luberecki, 
interviewed me a few months ago 
about the “return of country decor”

Or maybe it was the return TO Country decor?
 At any rate, she was working up a piece which would discuss the influences of Country on decor… and posing the question
 “Is Country Making a  comeback?”
 Right off the bat I told her that I did not think, 
nor did I want the Country Decor of the 80s’ to come back…
…really ever.

But I DO Love the NEW Country inspired Design everywhere NOW and 
I feel that we were becoming increasingly drawn, 
to some of the more natural aspects of the Country….
It’s in the language now…”farmhouse sink” – gotta have one..

or “Barn doors” … well, many meaning s here…either close yours 
or put one up to alleviate the problem of doors 
that invade the room space too much…

..and almost like the Outside is coming inside…
in very colorful , often but not always rustic and industrial, 
organic and classy ways.
MOST if not all NEW COUNTRY decor has no cutesy to it, it is more “masculine” if you will, a tad rugged and maybe even a teensie weensie bit…
dare I say…sexy?
Photo via Tiffany Ruda
Fun, HIP and Modern ways…

Darryl Carter

Different names for the styles inspired by Country and Industrial Country and even Farm Living have cropped up like:
“Urban Country”, “Modern Country”, “Country Chic” and…
 “Modern Farm” – I made that one up! 
The photo below is from one of my favorite blogs which keeps their Country Farmhouse decor clean and sleek , 
lots of white and antiques but a Modern edge.
“A Country FarmHouse”

a country farmhouse

     “People are intermixing in a high-end way really
 rustic, cruddy things that would have been in a barn years ago,” says Lesli DeVito, whose blog is
 “My Old Country House 
People want stuff that has some history,
 because so much of what we have is new.”

“cruddy”? “stuff”…nice going lesli! Really classy. Really articulate!
Annie Selke LOVE the surfboard coffee table!

No matter, I was excited, no Thrilled,
 to be quoted among the likes of Design Goddess, 
Annie Selke
(who she was speaking to RIGHT after me!)
Designer and the founder of Dash and Albert
 and Pine Cone Hill,  
two mainstays of decor in general 
and great contributors to Gorgeous, beautifully made and long wearing and sometimes Country inspired rugs and furniture 
and lovely accessories.

recognize this Dash and Albert runner?
Charlie is sitting on My Favorite Dash and Albert rug – “Gypsy Rose”
next to the “cats paw” runner. These rugs DO NOT show any dirt ever!
Annie’s dog named “Dash” uses his Mac! Smart Pooch!

and hey I have a dog named “Dash ” too!
He does not use a Mac but he likes
“Mac” and Cheese.

  Also interviewed was a lovely lady named Amy Rutherford, 
owner of
Red Barn Mercantile in Old Town Alexandria, VA

…..and Old Town Virginia interior designer 
Barbara Franceski

Barbara Franceski LOVE!!!

LOOK at the company I KEEP!!!!

and then …..she spoke with the one and only Laura Daily, 
Vice president of Merchandising at Ballard Designs!!!!
(and you know I LOVE Ballard Designs!)
 the European Inspired Home Furnishings Mail order and Internet company, who said..“The days of ‘I’m going to go home to my purely contemporary or purely traditional home’ are moving toward ‘I’m going to a house that makes me feel good and is a reflection of who I am”.

     I whole heartedly agree with Laura. I think that more and more, people put themselves into their homes. Why? Is it because we just know ourselves better? Is it because we are OVER exposed to design shows and therefore, people trust themselves as designers?  I don’t know. But I do think that more than ever, people know how to “get the look”.  Is it because of a sense of urgency …that we feel that there is no time like the present? Is it because we can afford little in the way of extravagant expenditures, and thus, when we DO extend our budgets to incorporate decorating,
(not the new roof (too expensive) or the new sump pump (too gross) )  
…we want to be TRUE to ourselves and to our inherent design aesthetic.

I dunno. I just think it looks good.
And it is such a Personal form of design inspiration, and incorporates YOU the home owner and decorator.
 It’s “Homey Chic”!!!
 And I love To feel AT home, in someone Else’s home! 
In fact, the highest compliment I can give or get about my home is when someone says to me, “I feel so at home here”. 
It is all that I could ever ask for.
Well, not all, but you know what I mean..
Thanks Beth, for including me and my voice amongst such amazing company!!!
….you my dear sweet readers, 
may find and read the entire article 
just click on this yellow barn…
Country Inspired ART!!!