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Narrowing my Focus

     I began this blog 5 months ago, in February. I was home, more than usual, and slightly sofa bound, nursing my 10 year old son, who had MONO, back to health. At that time, I had two blogs; one that I had started a few years ago…mostly an “essay” blog but that got very little of my attention and barely any of my focus and one which I used to feature my Paintings, to introduce new ones and stay in touch with the growing audience for my Art work. With more time on my hands, I decided to really pour my heart and soul and mostly, my time into building a blog to showcase ALL of the facets of ME, all of those things which prompted people to say “you should have a BLOG!”

     The first step, for me anyway, was coming up with a name. The name, “My Old Country House” came to me while I was driving my car (of course) and I was actually concerned that it would already Be in use. It seemed like a  relatively simple name, as far as Blog names go, and I also had concerns that the word “Country” might throw people off, and give the wrong impression. I am NOT a Country girl, no far from it, and yet, here I am…
 living, in the Country in a big old house. 
There were days when I considered 
“My Old Country Dump”, 
but I knew that would be too negative and the humor might be lost on my audience…if I had any audience at all.
So, I decided that once the blog began growing, the name would be synonymous with my blog and thus, I decided that
“My Old Country House” 
it would be. at least to start…

     The hardest thing for me, in my blog and in my LIFE, is deciding where to put my focus. I am always and forever pulled in so many directions and then there are also the directions I invent which pull me in as well. Should my blog be about me? my house? my kids? my DIY projects? my decorating obsession? the things that frustrate me or propel me into action, my passions and my frustrations and is there any way to peel these things apart and NARROW my focus? Like any important endeavor, writing my blog is a combination of processes; the process of writing it obviously and the process of IT writing me.

     One thing has become increasingly crystal clear to me over these last 5 months of attempting to write almost every day…The one and only thing unique I have to offer, with all of the amazing and intricate and established blogs out there…is me…little old me. That is a bit of a daunting realization. For, I wondered, who is going to want to know more about me?

      So what is it? That thing I have to offer? What do I believe?
well, I believe that anyone that WANTS TO, whatever budget, whatever lifestyle, …can have a good looking, comfortable home. Period. Each of us, within us, has a style, borne of a lifetime of experiences and influences which contribute to our OWN personal style…the thing that makes uniquely US – US. and I will show you…as I inch by inch, work on my life’s biggest and most challenging project…MY OLD COUNTRY HOUSE…how you can FIND your own style. 

  And then, my final and continued quandary is this: how do I get more readers, wonderful people like you, to read me? This continues to be a challenge and I just keep telling myself…”hang in there…if you build it, they will come.” It is my mantra…and even when I write and write and write and worry that it is all for naught – I know in my heart of hearts that I have something unique to offer…. and so do you!

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