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sometimes the best thing- the most important thing ,

is showing up. So today, well the day is almost over but with the last few minutes before I retire for the night I am going to show up and share some of my goals for the year


1. Blog 5 x week. Period . A little this, a little that – but show up and share the day and colors and insights and my life and my art with you!

2. And Along that same line I plan to streamline this blog. Make the archives easier to access. Break it into sections: colors, tutorials, makeovers etc etc

3.  Build a kick ass site for my ART. Like the real deal. I am so excited about this I could pop.  More to come on that!!!

4. Read 4 books a month. Any topic. Fact or fiction. Audible is fine but along with my watching Netflix while I paint – read . Oh do I have a list!!!

And 5. (I think 5 goals are plenty) absolutely positively if I don’t do it until the last week of the year – I WILL GO someplace that requires a passport in 2017!!!!

ME AND CHARLIE- the big boy
ME AND CHARLIE- the big boy

thats a good start I think.

So a bit of random side note/news, the week before Christmas I slipped on the ice going down our front porch steps. Wacked my back in the middle cement step but after a few days of ice and heat and rest and pain meds I was back to the business of the holidays and did not miss a step.

Then last week I had a thing happen where I bent over to pick something up – something gave way and I was brought to my knees in pain. My dr ordered a X-ray and ironically what caused the pain is NOT what they saw on the X-ray, probably just muscles that were strained but what they saw was that I fractured 2 vertebrae when I fell!!! The fractures are not spinal injuries but on the little pointy bones that stick out / but gee – kind of makes me feel incredibly grateful that I am in one piece …I am just going about my business as usual. Getting a CT scan later this week. Is this what they mean by over sharing! Hope not , just figure this year you will get All of me!!!

LesliHouse0206so on that note – off to bed!!! Back to school tomorrow and real-life. I will cherish this holiday – having all the kids home was at times a tad awkward but after a few days we fell back into our rhythm and I have l lived waking up in the morning and having all of us under one roof!!!

12 thoughts on “OFF TO A GOOD START

  1. First of all I am thrilled you will post more. I love your blog site. Second, you and your Phoebe look like twins! Third, between your fall down the steps and slipping on ice I am concerned. I slipped on ice about 20 years ago and my hip and back have decided never to let me forget it. I do therapy stretches everyday for both. Please take care of yourself! Fourth, Happy New Year!!!!

    1. Thank you Betsy! I am excited for the new year and this year – no FALLS!!!! Both were flukes, things that happened on places I have walked a million times over 13 years…but I DO NOT want to have any lasting injuries so safety is key!!!! Hold rails and night lights! xo

      Oh and I could kiss you for saying my darling daughter and I are twins!!!
      She is a cutie patootie!!!!

  2. 5x a week EEEEKKK I can’t wait! I Love checking in to see what you’re up to. We are painting our bedroom this winter so I’ll be going through your color archives. You have the best color ideas! All our kids were home as well for Christmas. Such special times. So quiet now 🙁 Take care of yourself. I hope your back feels better. As my husband says I could trip over a feather and fall. I know the pains of many falls :/ My goal for 2017 is slow down and watch where I’m going!!

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