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OUR DOGGIVERSARY – For the LOVE of my sweet Charlie…

A few weeks ago
we celebrated our 

one year ago, I started off a day of soccer games , 
just like any other Saturday…
and left one my daughter’s game with a puppy in my coat!

I never had that “Dog Love”
thing that drives people to say…Take their dog everywhere they go or
their dog be the ring bearer in their wedding 
or even sleep at the foot of their bed at night.

Like everyone else, we had our “first child”
“Parker” the beagle
and I loved her, very much in fact
but the swooning stopped and was quickly replaced with patient annoyance
when I gave birth to a real baby

and then a few years later another baby and
 then a few years more…a third …real baby.


…..so, what changed?
Why is this dog (we have two others in fact)
maybe it was his eyes, 

He has a thing about paper…including paper money!
…or the fact that he was so tiny and shivered so much that
I carried him inside my down vest
like a baby Koala…
for weeks!
or maybe it had something to do with the 
inevitable fact that my real babies are getting too big
to crawl in my lap and 
often too big to even share a sofa with me…

…maybe it was his loyalty and unconditional
worship of me
(am I that shallow?)
…what ever it was
when I fell…
I fell hard.
and I have never looked back.

Or maybe it is just the simple fact that he is
and now, I GET it!!!
be ring bearer material!

“Charlie” 30″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas
now on view (and for sale)  at
 the Three Notched Grill
Crozet, VA
My Sweet Charlie

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