old country house blog


and now…
My First 
One Kings Lane 

” Pappy”

…my husband asked…”wow, how old do you think it is?” 
assuming it was an antique,
I pointed out the “made in china” sticker, and told him, 
“Not Very, but isn’t he handsome!”
yes, he is a replica, but
Talk about the anchor.
Pappy grounds the entire room. 
the only downside, and honestly, if you know me,
 this is not so much 
a downside, as…well, 
an UPside…
I think that the pink has to go.
 I have had it for 3 years, perhaps a record for me.
I do still love it, but like I always say
“There are 64 colors in the crayon box!”
or in Benjamin Moores’ case… thousands.

I am contemplating Wickam Gray, a favorite of mine,
and I am also contemplating putting my 
old country house on the market!
I/we have some big decisions to make!

and I still have to decide on a color for the piano…

decisions …decisions.