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One of my FAVE Designers
Phoebe Howard says
Feeling the need to fluff and freshen up a room in your house? 
Get new pillows!”
Recently I went a bit off the rails, in the Pillow department,
like a kid in a candy store…
and picked up ANY pillow in ANY color that suited my fancy..
…without paying attention to what colors I had going on…
I decided to go Back to square one….
My Original intention when I began my Living room makeover, way back when,
….was to have soothing Beach Inspired colors.
To create a relaxing environment to balance out my very NON relaxing life.
As I already have a BIG WOW piece…
The Chevron Sofa…
I decided to go with the myriad of Premier fabrics that are in that color scheme…
SO I went fabric shopping.
I had a BUNCH of fabric in my cart on Fabric.com 
when I stumbled upon this
etsy seller HERE
…she had all of the fabrics, already made up in  lovely pillows
and it was a done deal.
They all have an envelope closure and were very well made
and packaged beautifully!
Now, I won a Singer Sewing contest when I was 13 years old…I CAN sew.
I love to sew. 
But I also love the paint, and teach ART CAMP  and be a Wife and Mom and sometimes,
 I do not
feel like I need to do all of it.
Especially when there are affordable ways to not have to !!!! 
When I weighed out cost of fabric + cost of my time …
it was WAY more Efficient on all fronts,  to order 
my pillows from etsy.

I LOVE my new pillows and I have already ordered a couple more!!!

Choosing pillows is not brain surgery…
….it is just a fun thing to do…As you all know by now, 
 I have a relatively short attention span when if comes to accessorizing..
.Changing out Pillows is a GREAT way 
to satisfy the need to a 
Quick FIX!

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  1. When doing some decorative options you must consider all aspects in your place including the smallest things because they add attraction as a whole package in your interior.

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