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…..and then, Don’t ask me why…but  I started thinking about…
Pink and I do not have a casual relationship. 
Nor am I a fair weather friend of pink. 
I have loved it for years.
 My most popular and pinned Board on Pinterest is
with over 250 pins! 

Yesterday I had my 5 RULES for Blogging.
Today I will introduce to you
MY 5 RULES for Decorating with PINK

 I want you to look at this room,
REALLY look at it and tell me what is pink:
1. The cabinet interior
2.the pillow on the blue chair and the pillow on the chevron sofa
3.the Missoni Ottoman
4 the walls in the Back Living Room

my point? PINK goes a long long way. You do not need much to make a statement or to get that POP of color. Now obviously the walls in the back room ARE pink, but then you will also notice that I have only ONE pink accessory…okay two, the ottoman which you cannot see…but, everything else is neutral or pale blue.


Just as less is more with pink, what colors you use WITH pink are important.
Many Many colors look great with pink


Cantilever Design
Gold and White
la belle vie
Sweet Birdies Nest
My Old Country House
and the list goes on…Pink goes well with many colors…
but before you go out and buy your “RAZZLE DAZZLE PINK”
this brings me to my next RULE


because a little PINK DOES go a long way,
 there is no need to dive right in and drench your house in pink.
..if you are not sure pink is your thing
or if you just a POC
Pop of Color..
then start small
try a pink accessory like:
a lamp
My Old Country House

My Old Country House

My Old Country House
My Old Country House

you get the picture (no pun intended)


I think one of the reasons I love PINK so much is that it reminds me of Spring and
my Mom and her Roses. 


our peach blossoms
The most beautiful Pinks are in NATURE….
David Tribby- Photographer
(amazing isn’t it?)


..and when you bring nature inside…beautiful things happen

RULE #5 in the PINK RULES is 

                                  5. BE BRAVE – It is only COLOR!!!

Seriously, we are taking about the color pink here, not brain surgery.
and you can always change a color if it is not your thing.

I think PINK is the best when it is unexpected.
The Pink Cabinet:
I painted this cabinet one boring September day in 10 minutes with some 
reject pink paint from my daughters room makeover. 
Springtime Bloom.
I painted it an forgot about it.
The POST I wrote about it has been my most popular post, viewed over 10,000 times!
The next most popular post has been viewed 1,500!
and that post was about my daughters
PINK and NAVY Bedroom!
and then
the cabinet got in House Beautiful Magazine this month!!!

10 minutes!!!
That is all it takes to make a really BIG change!
The Post
cows and pink…unexpected….
This painting has been by far my MOST POPULAR
so there you have them…my 5 PINK RULES!
do you have any color rules?


3 thoughts on “PINK RULES

  1. My pink rule? Never apologize for the use of pink.

    When our daughter was born and I painted her room PINK a number of my husband’s friends gave him a hard time about letting me have free reign in her room. It never bothered him though thankfully and still is the perfect color for her. I balanced it out with candy apple green window treatments and a leopard print rug.

  2. Lesli,
    I don’t respond to blogs very much but wanted to tell you that you are so very talented! Your blog is by far my favorite & I can’t wait for your next post……I volunteer in Animal rescue and all your paintings are just fantastic! I currently am looking for a cabinet that I can paint the inside pink….I have 3 boys + hubby so being the only girl in the house….I want to paint something pink! 🙂 Have a great day!

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