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One week ago

….everyone went about their daily lives. We watched  football games, we ran the kids to soccer….did the grocery shopping, walked the dog, drank with our friends and watched TV. No one knew she was missing yet…It was just a Saturday in our sweet town that tops the “Best Places to Live!” lists.

And then on Sunday…”Have you seen Hannah?”…”No, has she called you?…”


I have thought of very little else….to the point of obsession… I check Facebook constantly…NBC29…and I learned how to find videos on “you tube”…. watching like a spy from the dark insides of the closed jewelry store where I bought Phoebe a charm for her bracelet…I watch her walk by…so fast….and then she is GONE.

Things happen everyday… we see it. …We are so OVER SHOWN the horrors of the world…we watch…and we are friends with everyone and see no one and then it happens in the place you have JUST been…and you wonder…HOW?

WHO? WHY? Where is she? Is the terrified? Is she drugged?Is she breathing. Oh God please let her be breathing. And I am a Mother but not her mother nor know her mother…but I know many Hannah’s …and Rachel’s and Emily’s and Maddie’s and Jane’s and Phoebe’s…  they are all of our children and this is a bad as it gets… the reason you hold their hand so tightly when you go into a crowd…the thing that every Mother shudders to think  of and then quickly goes back to folding the laundry. It is horrible.

I want to comfort her Mother and Father and brother..a family… there is only one possible outcome that is acceptable and that is for Hannah to come home. Please feel my hug.

I see how thousands of other obsessed souls and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers, sons and daughters….friends…all  have lovingly and quietly crowded onto buses in shifts to find her…and I am so very proud that I chose to call Charlottesville my home 20 years ago…that I raised my children here..I am so proud of my community…

…except the bad part…That I want to cut out like cancer but having watched those I love pass away into whiteness…Cancers grow back..we need to be vigilant and protect our children.

Please Find her. Let this be a very bad dream.

Please dear God in Heaven.

Bring Hannah home safe.safe_image.php



  1. Amen. Praying for her safe return. As a mom, I can hardly think about it, but at the same time, can’t stop thinking of her. From Richmond, so proud of my hometown and all the volunteers. I hope they find her soon and reunite her with her family.

  2. I’ve been following this on the news here in Pa., every mother’s nightmare, I hope and pray that they find her soon!

  3. Beautifully put. That has been my biggest fear as a mother, as a grandmother. The very thoughs make me sick to my stomach.
    I pray to God that she comes home. It happens too often, and we need a good outcome.
    Love, Jane

  4. Lesli, my daughter is a first year at UVA and I, too, have been thinking of little else since she called to tell us about a girl gone missing from campus. It is our worst nightmare come true for another mom and dad. Prayers for Hannah and hope she will be found.

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