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The POWER of Turquoise

Previously on MY OLD COUNTRY HOUSE- 

I took you along on the adventure of painting my 

new/old dresser Turquoise.

 In response to that post, my Dear friend Emily, 
the fashionista extraordinaire
sent me a wonderful article on
the color TURQUOISE and all of it’s vast POWERS.

Did you know that if you give turquoise to a friend…a friend that you love, 
that the stone protects them from bad fortune? and negative energy?.
And I read that the Turquoise STONE
is a very personal stone for the one who wears it 
and that it even takes on the characteristics of the owner!!!

so it would seem safe to assume that 
Turquoise, Aqua, teal, whatever you call it, when used in
your decor
brings good ENERGY to you home. 

when my playroom was a Benjamin Moore Color

All i know is that I NEVER look at my turquoise dresser 

and feel anything but happy!

I have turquoise all over my house, in fact, in every room in my house, 

there is at least a smidgeon of 
I will always have touches of turquoise.

It should come as NO surprise then, 
that one of my favorite Blogs is…
It is EYE CANDY squared…I pour through the pages of her blog
ooohing and aahahhhhing…
she has sections of…
turquoise and pink


turquoise and white

turquoise and yellow

there are…turquoise living rooms

and laundry rooms, 

and bedrooms

she covers it all….AND THEN SOME!
Hundreds, maybe thousands of posts, all with something Turquoise!!!
 I just LOVE to pour through 
page after page after
page of her beautiful blog.
Even her recent wedding was decorated in 
turquoise and pink and it was
absolutely stunning. 
Erin has thousands of followers
and mostly what she does is post photos
and well thought out articles 
about designers and incredible homes
and bloggers ,
…non stop wonderful eye candy and
incredible design inspiration
she is so gifted at sifting out style and beauty
which looks effortless…
of anything turquoise…
very powerful when you think about it…
That one color and one person brings so many people together.

turquoise in art
MADDIE MAY by ME! she just sold in NYC

I LOVE Turquoise!!!!

I will NEVER tire of it…

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  1. Wow!! I’m so incredibly touched!! Thank you a million times over for such a kind mention of House of Turquoise. I’m beyond grateful to you, and am so happy that you find so much joy sifting through the beautiful photos I find! Thank you, thank you!

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