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 THE KIDS AND I have this thing we do…when we see “a heart” somewhere….accidentally,
like in a cloud or a freckle
 or a cookie that got too ambitious…a rock at the creek…
or in the case photo above …
when I dropped strawberries on the floor at the beach…we get very excited.
 And if we have our act together…we get the camera! (something I love about my iphone!)
One of my favorites was a scrap of wood which was shaped like a jagged little heart,
that my tiny niece Haley found in the construction around her house at age 5
and gave me…
already clued into the power of the “RANDOM HEART”
…in fact,  I actually think kids come that way.
They see it. They know it.
         It is like seeing a message from somewhere, like a shiver that comes out of nowhere…
….but in this case, rather than to mean , 
(...at least what we used to say, )
       “uh oh, someone just stepped on your grave!!”,
….. to see a random heart is to see that someone, somewhere is thinking
about YOU and
 how much they love you.
…so …look around… RANDOM HEARTS pop up everywhere, AND in the funniest of places…
…BUT the message is always abundantly clear…
….have you see any RANDOM HEARTS LATELY?
send them to me….maybe we can start a random hearts page!

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  1. I’m sure you’ve seen (or own!) Drew Barrymore’s “Find it in Everything” — all about her discoveries of natural hearts. <3

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