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Renovated ATTIC!

I have always wanted to renovate our attic…make it real cool
like into a giant playroom or a huge office for my husband…
The ceilings are not very tall…but it would still be an incredible space.
NOTHING about it is incredible right now.
Mostly… it is just horrifyingly gross.

When we first moved in, the house had been stripped of all of the furnishings, including most of the lighting
but there were a few strange odds and ends in the attic…
like beat up old furniture…
but not good”beat up”, more like mattresses rolled up and suspended from the ceiling and chairs with two legs. Old magazines, some I actually saved a few and will show them to you one day..the adds are hysterical…and a tad frightening.

ANYWAY….I decided to troll the Internet and 
See what I could find, by way of photos of 
renovated attics.

These are from the site, “Willow Decor” and feature a renovated farmhouse in Belgium…I think I might have cried when I looked at these photos..what a incredible space…

               I Love this wall behind the bed (below)  from Pinterest…

hey, have you seen that wallpaper that looks like these walll. note to self, 
“find a photo of that wallpaper to show you.” 

Tip Junkie

This room below belongs to Addison…a very lucky little princess.

the clouds…and the beams…

every detail is precious…it is so evident that this is a TRUE labor of love

Addison’s Attic Bedroom – Apartment Therapy
I could not get enough of this sweet room.

This attic, which by the way…blows my mind!!!

is actually in a home that is on the market in Westchester County NY. 

The whole house is stunning…no, beyond stunning, check out this room –
HERE is the listing…tell them I sent ya!

I found this great “REALITY CHECK” article on a Chicago Elite home builder site that had a good checklist for seeing if your attic is even suitable for renovation. I have decided mine is, but we would have to put in some sky lights…

“Can Your Attic Be Renovated?

Before you start, however, you need to work out if your attic is suitable for converting and create a plan. Make sure the flooring or joists are strong enough for you to stand on for your inspection.

can you stand up, or do you bump into the ceiling? Building codes require ceilings to be a particular height (typically 7 feet 6 inches over at least half of the available floor space). You need to be able to stand up straight without crouching in the room. There are ways to deal with a low ceiling. If the ceiling height is too low and there are trusses, you may only be able to use your Chicago attic for storage, rather than a room.


the attic floor is the ceiling of the room underneath. Ceiling joists need to be strong enough for you to move around the attic and to hold furniture.


how will you get in and out? If you plan to use your Chicago attic as regular living space, you will want a strong, fixed stairway. Folding or drop-down stairs may be okay, but you need to consider how often the room will be accessed.


do you want some natural light, or will it all be artificial. Without natural light, the room can be dark and dingy. Skylights  and wiring may be necessary to provide lighting.

Ventilation and temperature

Attics are often uninsulated and unheated – they are usually hot in summer and cold in winter. You will need adequate ventilation through the room.”
TO DIE!!!!! I mean are they trying to KILL me!!!

SO…I WILL add “attic renovation” to the list…right under…
  1. tile in the bathrooms
  2. renovate the sleeping porch so Tate can have a room.
  3. remove the back staircase
  4. replace my bathroom shower and sink
  5. re-porcelain the kids tub
  6. tile in kids bath
  7. new hall lighting up and downstairs
  8. fix the leaky roof…and then…
  9. replace the 15 broken windows in the house
  10. fix the ceiling under it that is stained and nasty
  11. replace the avocado double oven, and get a counter depth fridge
  12. new counter tops and sink and range top..
  13. what the heck…new kitchen!
  14. new front screen door
  15. new front porch railing
  16. yadda yadda yadda and so on and so on
  17. replace my 12 year old car…
  18. attic
Today, because it is rainy 
and I can’t do anything on the above list… 
I am painting the BLUE above the picture rail part of the dining room, 
I got tired of the Woodlawn Blue…don’t worry it looks amazing and I will show you the full thing tomorrow, for now, say goodbye to the blue…

3 thoughts on “Renovated ATTIC!

  1. Some lists are for dreaming…. some are for doing… some are for doing to make a dream come true…. keep dreaming… keep doing and by all means …. keep posting!
    dee dee

  2. We’ve always talked about renovating our (entire 3rd floor) attic. I was reading your list above anxiously to see if we’d actually be able to do it. The only thing we need to fix(besides adding walls and refinishing the hardwood floors) is the insulation part. Oh and cleaning it out too. That’ll be a huge job in itself!
    See parts of the attic here: http://www.handbagsnpigtails.com/2010/04/character-laden-design-challenge-that.html Oh and FYI: most of the rooms you see are decorated completely different today than in that post. I change & sell things(furniture) ALL.THE.TIME!:)

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