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Since my supposedly fortuitous move over to WordPress I have somehow lost over half of my daily followers…so I am not enitrely confident that this post will be seen by many…but in a way it frees me up to just pour my heart out.

I am a bit jet lagged. I woke up today confused…”am I still in Los Angeles?”

lets face it…I don’t get out much!


I am home, surrounded by the kids and the mess and the foot of snow and the love and the dogs and cats…and the love…I am home where it all begins and ends for me. Home, my home is where I am swallowed up by meaning and frustration and laundry and sunlight streaming through a window and catching a comet of dust…Home is what defines me and where I paint.

Tiger and the snow

For some reason I have been dragging my tail…not being able to compose my thoughts …about the Design Bloggers Conference, from whence I just returned into the fold. I think because I am worried it was a dream. A wonderful,  wonderful dream in which  I met, face to face,  like minded souls and conversations began in the middle…friends like you,  to whom I did not need to explain an obsession with just the right faucet…or fabric…or knob or shade…or paint color. And I rubbed elbows and toasted my Design Idols who made me cry when they talked about the dance we do…just getting ready to dance…I promise to break it into digestible posts…and soon, but for now, just know that I am returned home very very happy..full up to the brim with inspiration and purpose and excitement and feeling the love.

Jeffery Marks, Lisa Mende, Newell Turner, Jenny Pulos…and ME!

there is more oh so much more to share…but for today…my children need me, it is a snow day…and today starting now…I am going to be “Mom”…alll Mom!!!



  1. Hi Leslie!!!

    It was so great to meet you and chat with you in line for Barbara Barry’s book signing! It was also great to connect over hockey…go Kings! Love your blog and will follow you on Twitter…let’s stay in touch and help share the love of decor, design and fabulous artists like yourself. Oh, my mom-in-law is a wonderfully talented Tucson artist…you can view her work here: http://mungerart.com/

    Have a fantastic weekend in the lovely snow!

  2. I’ve found your new location and enjoy reading and looking around your beautiful home whenever I can sneak away for a little downtime from “Mom”. I’m glad to know you have your priorities… Times up, back to “Mom”. Until next time.

  3. I bet you have not lost as many as you think. I keep you as a bookmark in a group of those places I visit every day. Way easier than fooling with the vagaries of WordPress, BlogHer et al.

    I loved you 3/10 post. Too true.

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