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I probably spend, 
on average, other than sleeping, 10 minutes a day in my Bedroom. 
I get up …and I am off. 
So it should come as no surprise that it took 
7 years for me to invest any time or energy into really making it a haven.
But finally, I did.
and I love OUR room.
I have now become a spokeswoman for 
my latest cause….


I am cuckoo for this Dwell Studio Print. I got the
fabric for  $9.99 at UFAB in Charlottesville!!

The dresser was once a side board in our dining room! 
Our walls are painted a Custom Color …. I named “Bergman Gray”

 The color, if you must know, was arrived at under duress, after trying 6 different grays on our bedroom wall. One was too dark(Stonington Gray), one too light (Horizon), one too pink (Portland GrayI did LOVE that one though, hubby did not,  Too Blue (Feather Gray) and too light blue (Winter Ice) and finally one I adore, but already used in the kids bath (Wickham Gray)  . Some were samples I had, so I could not tell you the proportions, I can only tell you that I got frustrated and poured whatever was left in all six cans in a 5 gallon bucket !!! And what I ended up with was GORGEOUS!!!! In case you ever want to try it here is the formula – my buddy Nancy at 
Benjamin Moore figured it out –  
Oy  0x 12.5000
BK   0x 18.000
MA  0x 1.000

We have 5 non working fireplaces,
give me 5 awesome mantels to style!!!

This is My Oldest Sons One Year Old Hand Print.
 I remember he kept trying to “grab” the plaster and
I had to press his chubby little  hand down.
He has never liked being messy and he said,  “kicky”…

 I love using little odds and ends, pieces of our life and our history.
And I change them constantly….
The mirror is from my old dresser,
which is sitting on the back porch waiting to be revived.

Last week I did a post, with a tutorial for one of the finishing touches of our room…
these Cornices. They are easy as can be and I swear
they really make the room look polished!!!

The curtains are Faux Silk Martha Stewart for Home Depot. The BEST deal anywhere.
I just washed them last week,
and dried them and they are perfect.
I left them a tad damp and hung them back up like that
and they required NO pressing at all!!!!

Our bed is from Pottery Barn, we got it when our 3rd child came along, 12 years ago.
The bedding is a combination of
Dwell Studio for Target,
A white Pottery Barn Quilt (best investment), 

a WHITE Lilly Pulitzer Duvet cover,
shams and bedskirt I got on sale last year at
Garnet Hill and some throw Pillows I made
with Amy Butler Fabric.
I am a huge fan of 100% white bedding,…if it gets dirty, just bleach it and good as new!!!

I ALWAYS INVEST in GOOD white pieces: quilts, bedskirts, duvet covers and then
I buy the trendier, more inexpensive pieces when the spirit, a good sale and my pocket book allows.

We get so caught up in doing these adorable Nurseries
 and big kidrooms for our children, 
create beautiful kitchens and living rooms and even gorgeous gardens…
and we often put ourselves and our bedrooms last.
 Don’t do it! 
YOU deserve a nice room too!
It is so nice, no matter how little time I spend in my room, 
and what time I DO have is rarely alone…
but it is still so satisfying
to LOVE my bedroom,
and to have a BED I LOVE to fall into
 at the end of my very long days!!!

Do you LOVE your Master bedroom?
Is it everything you envision?
What would you change?
What do you think is the perfect color for a MAster Bedroom?

Thank you for following the House Tour!!!
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9 thoughts on “MASTER BEDROOM

  1. Hi! Just found your blog – beautiful! I was wondering what color your curtains are, do you recall? I’m looking for off white ivory and saw these on their website but can’t figure out the proper name to order the right color! Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you Ann! The color of the Master Bedroom drapes, as well as the Two Living Room Drapes is “Hemp”, they are the Martha Stewart “Faux Silk” drapes by Home Depot. They are lined and beautiful and I have seen the competition and these really hold their own and LOOK fantastic and High End. PLUS and are machine washable and come out looking perfect! (I take them out of the dryer slightly damp and hang to dry. Good Luck!

  3. What a lovely haven this is now. I totally understand what you mean about doing the bedroom last. We gutted ours down to the plaster and lathe when we moved in 9 years ago; I was 8 months pregnant at the time so I couldn’t do much. But I did know I wanted our master BR done when the baby came. My husband worked so hard, night after night after long days at work. Since then though, Ive not done much at all to really accessorize it or make it our “haven”. Until just this past month. I started a simple gallery wall over our bed, moved in a new lamp for my nightstand and wallah! Im blogging from that very spot right now(its such a happy space; one where I want to spend more time now)
    Im curious: you mention the Dwell fabric in this post. Did you recover the chair yourself?

  4. Hi LEsli!! I just found this post via Pinterest! Isn’t that funny? I am planning to paint our bedroom grey as well – but it is indeed going to have to wait until the very last. My son’s room has been “done” and my daughter’s room has never been painted (since we have owned the house – long before she was born). Hers is the only room in the house that we’ve never painted. . .
    I’m going to go and check out your tut. for those cornices now!

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