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I get so distracted at home

that I often go to the Mudhouse, my favorite local coffee shop, to get work done. Such was the case the other day. I ordered my “usual” – a small latte and decadent peanut butter cookie, settled into a table,  plugged myself in and just as I got myself all situated    …..   a text from my College Freshman,  Tate,  popped up:

“Hey Mom, are you in town?”

I replied “No, but I can be!”

He had an appointment for a haircut and his usual ride was busy. I happily swept up my laptop and latte, grabbed my phone and hopped in my car to run into town


20 minutes later my skinny firstborn climbed into the passenger seat. Normally a quiet co-pilot,  he instead chatted easily and caught me up on college life : his grades and tests and projects and roommate and new friends and old friends.  I paid for his hair cut and was more than happy to buy his over priced gels and hair products. I asked him if he needed anything else,” you know, since you have me here!” ….and he said “well, I could use some socks” and off we drove to the sporting goods store for some spiffy new socks. We finished up our errands and he needed to get back.

I pulled up to the dorm,  dropped him off and gave him a HUGE hug and a kiss, told him how much I loved him and how proud I am of him. And I drove away.

All in all it was about an hour and a half. And I have to say…it was the happiest I had been in a while.

See, when people used to say, “it goes fast! make sure to enjoy the little things.” I never included running errands as one of those “memory making” little moments. Running errands was the time that used to not count….the time in between the good stuff. But, I can tell you now, that running errands with my 19 year old, who no longer lives in our house or rummages around in our fridge or hums in the bathroom…and the hall and the living room…IS THE GOOD STUFF.


11 thoughts on “RUNNING ERRANDS

  1. Hi Lesli,
    I’m totally on the same page. Having had Catie live out of town for 2 years ( and dropping everything for a 6 hr RT plus brunch or shopping)… To have her back in Hooville is wonderful! This arc of letting go of our children is at once a joy and a tearing. I feel so blessed to be a parent … And (mostly) happy to be a chauffeur, delivery gal, financial advisor, stylist, active listener, legal advisor… And loving mom. Xx sarah

    1. Oh Sarah, It is so fun to think of our two kids, at college together…and I know Thanksgiving will go to fast! I am grateful, that they are close enough for a quick fix.

  2. My youngest is a freshman at a university 10 hours away. I am SO looking forward to him being home for break. Lucky you, and how wonderful that you can so appreciate running errands with Tate.

    1. I feel lucky for sure! and I know you are counting the days! Will your son be home for Thanksgiving!!! The first thing my son has done the times he has come home is sleep….like a baby …on the sofa…right in the middle of everything.

  3. Lesli-I admit I had a literal pang of jealousy as I read about your spontaneous hour and a half with Tate…what a lucky mom! Counting down the days until Thanksgiving Break…and running errands with my boy. XO

  4. ………and now I know EXACTLY where you were all day~~~
    Oh, what a great day for you. To have those precious moments with your guy. SO great that he is just a latte away, and that you can sweep him up and take care of him, just like Mom does.
    They never stop needing you.
    Love you Les!

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