old country house blog


     My day started out okay. I got up early, caught up on emails. Actually took a shower and got dressed in something besides my “happy pants” or painting clothes. And unlike many days, where I come home after I drop off the kids, and start my day, today I got myself together enough to stay out for the day doing my usual Friday Art class rounds…one of the favorite parts of my week. I got the kids ready and got the lunches and we had time to spare…and…

…then I could not find my keys…

…and I looked…
…and I looked…
…and the clock kept ticking and the kids were late for school and the teacher was expecting me, and finally after I looked everywhere twelve times, i called my husband, “did you see my keys?

…pause…beat…”oh no. Lesli. I have them in my pocket…what should I do?’

…thats when I started screaming and yelling and had a hard time seeing straight.

Phoebe ran across the street to the neighbors with the one month old baby…and the sweet Mom loaned me her car, and in the meantime, Charley the puppy ran though the invisible fence, and down our long country road, and I just kept screaming and then cussing….screaming and cussing…and I had to run the kids to school, and planned to just stay and teach for the first hour, then come back and get my car (my husbands secretary was on her way with my keys)…but when I pulled into school. I had left my notebook with my teaching materials in MY car, so I had to turn around. Go BACK home.

   When I pulled into  my driveway, there was Charley, waggin his tail and standing in the wide open front doorway, I threw him in his crate, and then grabbed my notebook. Back in the borrowed car and  half way BACK to school, my phone rang, it was my husbands secretary, “I just passed you, I have your keys” Boy she drove fast i thought and then did another U turn to go BACK home, give the car back to the mother of the one month old and grab my own car.

as I pulled into school..my phone rang…it was Cooper, his voice all quivery…”Mom, are you coming…oh wait, I see you!” and I ran in and here I am and all I can say is
T G I F!!!!!