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Billy the Goat Lept over the neighbors fence…and was eating the flowers by the curb… I shocked myself on the wire…foolishly thinking I could lure him back in… He laughed, kept nibbling and when he was ready…he just hopped back over! and gave me a wink… Lesli DeVito Paintings…for More Information Visit MY FAQ Page…… Read More BILLY THE GOAT

old country house blog

PET PAINTING of the week – AGGIE

“AGGIE” AGGIE was a sweet yellow lab I painted early last Summer in time for Father’s day. Her “Mom” sent me many photos and this one was my favorite.I paint a great many Yellow Labs and at first glance they might appear nearly identical, but as you get closer, the little differences and personal touches make… Read More PET PAINTING of the week – AGGIE

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