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AS we complete the finishing touches on the kids bathroom..

REVEAL on Monday!

I am beginning to pull all the ingredients together for the LONG OVERDUE


I have known all along that I want to convert a dresser into the vanity…With the addition of a vessel sink….Here are some of my inspiration shots:

Plans Now
Plans Now
Painting the Roses White
Painting the Roses White








all along I have wanted to use this dresser …Phoebe's Nursery dresser

Phoebe’s Nursery dresser

and purchased  this sink:

Cheviot Vessel sink
Cheviot Vessel sink

But realized, a little too late, that the center partition in the dresser would make the transition a bit tricky. Often what will be done in this instance is the sink will be placed off center…which I actually kind of like, but in our case,we are working with the existing footprint (story of my life…maybe a good name for this blog!) and thus, the sink needs to be centered on whatever piece I use. back to square one…I took a shopping trip around the house to see if any of the dressers “in stock” could be adapted…

Calypso Blue DresserDining Room Serpentine Chest - too rickety
Dining Room Buffet - too tall
Dining Room Serpentine Chest – too rickety
Phoebe's Rugby Dresser ...not bad, but then what would Phoebe do? Plus...center partition issue
Phoebe’s Rugby Dresser …not bad, but then what would Phoebe do? Plus…center partition issue

and finally OUR dresser…which is really pretty perfect for the vanity…except well, then what would I do?

Master Dresser...perfect...but where do I put my clothes?
Master Dresser…perfect…but where do I put my clothes?

so..I went shopping at all of my favorite used furniture stores, for some sort of piece, console, dresser, whatever…i knew I would know when I saw it…and just when I was about to give up…

there it was…a 53″ bowfront tiger oak dresser…ALREADY made into a VANITY!!!!

vanitydresserMy husband picks it up today. The sink is actually a nice one, the PORTRAIT sink by KOHLER… but it has seen better days so I am replacing ┬áthe sink.

THIS sink will hopefully go in my Dresser…I had originally selected the “Memoirs” sink, but the pre cut dimensions are a bit off…this sink will be perfect and the curved front will complement the lines of the Dresser which I am more in love with every day…

Archer Sink by Kohler

so bit by bit, it is coming together.

I just wrote this blog post while I was having my hair highlighted! She needs to rinse me!!! I will touch base later!!!



  1. You will LOOOVE that sink! We have a pair but one has a major boo-boo. My husband sfepped on the corner while painting crown molding above the newly installed sink… It is my sink in our Master Bath so I just keep a soap dish over it…

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