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I have not been the driving instructor. I was unable. To me, I felt as if I was watching my toddler walk along the edge of a 10 story building…and that level of anxiety does not a confident driver make. I made sure he knew it was MY issue, that I whole heartedly believe that he is capable of being a safe and attentive driver..but I could not teach him. Dad took over. He took drivers Ed and got all the necessary certifications….passed with flying colors. His Grandparents spoiled him in that way that Grandparents are allowed by giving him their old Florida car for Christmas.

He got his license last Friday…his parking permit Tuesday and yesterday..he drove to school.

tatedriveHe said “Mom! I don’t why you are making such a big deal of this!!!! It is not a big deal!!!  Stop taking pictures!!!!

…and I think…

Only when he is a parent will he understand…only when he has known a person since before they were born…made them. Hovered over their crib to make sure they were breathing….knew which cry meant hungry and which meant sleepy…taught them their first word….knew that the sideways grimace on his face meant he was nervous. Had a little face look up and say…”I wish you could be my teacher Mommy!” …

….and let go, a fiber at a time…until there remains in your hand a shred of the baby…

just their smile and the rest is a person you wish you knew better…but know better than anyone…and then

tatedrive2they drive away….



Charlie knows it! I know it and one day…he will know it.

For now he is the one growing up and I am the one watching him go.

6 thoughts on “DRIVING

  1. Thanks for making me cry!!!!! Love your blog and love your insightfulness in the parenting department!!

  2. “….and let go, a fiber at a time…until there remains in your hand a shred of the baby…”

    oh, Lord, you had me there. Crying…… My daughter is turning 11 and I feel all these milestones rushing at me already. Take a deep breath…….

  3. Definately a BA deal! I told both my kids that it was MY problem and that they were good drivers…I would just radiate fear in the front seat 🙂

  4. So well said. Now, save this piece for him and give it to him when he has his first child – or on his first child’s first birthday – he’ll get it so clearly then!

  5. This is a wonderful post. My baby (21) is traveling internationally for the first time without me come Monday. Today in the car we had a conversation (aka argument) where I was forced to exclaim, ‘Only when you are a parent will you truly understand how I feel….’ (aka…how I worry) Your post was so very timely. BTW…you reminded me to make sure I bring my camera to the airport 😉

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