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You know what they say about Teens and opinions…

    so I have quickly discovered that while there are an endless supply of Blogs which feature absolutely STUNNING living rooms,

House Beautiful

 and gorgeous kitchens …

House Beautiful

and inviting bedrooms…

House Beautiful

and Adorable baby Rooms…

The Inspired Room

, but not nearly enough of  Teen Rooms.

House Beautiful

The space of time that a child is a teen, is far longer than a child is a baby.
But, always the analyzer, I have a come up with few theories of my own, for the shortage of Teen Room Blog Posts.
1.  Mamas and Papas: Many design bloggers themselves have babies and so it only makes sense that they would explore their own world of decor.
2. Opinions: Babies might have opinions, but they can’t talk. Changing a rooms decor can be exciting and stressful, and when you add to the mix, the emotional tug of war teens can bring to the decorating table, making a decision, that everyone can live with, can be tricky.
3. Finances: babies are not cheap, but they don’t wear braces, or attend private school or play sports or go to camp, all things that add up and often there is little left in the budget to change  room decor.
4. Modern family: Most of the time, not always, but often, when a baby is on the way, you have two parents, excitedly working together to prepare for this new life, this new little person, and establishing the nursery  becomes part of the bonding process. Unfortunately, by the teen years, many families are separated or divorced, or reconfigured… and logistics become complicated and the priorities do not always encompass redecorating a bedroom.
5. Time : Time flies, and before you know it, your 5th grader, is in middle school and then you turn around and they are visiting colleges. Life is hectic and busy and there are NEVER enough hours in the day. So much of the focus is on just getting it done and dinner on the table and our present day surroundings become almost invisible and inconsequential.

So there you have my theories. And here are my reasons why more time and energy should be invested in our teenagers bedrooms.
1. Mamas and Papas: Many design bloggers themselves have babies that will grow into Teens and so it only makes sense that they should explore their own world of decor.
2. Opinions: Yes, teens have opinions, lots of them and they are almost ALWAYS better than yours. However, every once in a while I really am humbled by my kids and the things they still teach me every day.
3. Finances: What better way to introduce your child to managing a budget than to give them a budget, even if it is just $50, with which to make a change to their room.
4.Modern family: Especially as our families break apart or merge, giving your teen the ability to control something, some part of their home life, can be very empowering and healing.
5. Time: They are going to be out and on their own in no time and when they are teens is a GREAT time to spend some good quality time getting to know your Teen and what makes them tick. EVEN if you hate it.

So here we go!
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