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The House Beautiful Color Issue is Out…
You know, where we see what is
what is “IN” 
and what is “OUT”.
Their predictions and suggestions came from survey results…
of the public, bloggers and designers.
Color is a gift anyway. 
Like a bonus.
It is not required to live…None of us invented it.
But it directs our every move.
Some of us (like me)
cannot get enough of it and many are oblivious.
In truth, I often think the best color choices are the ones
that just show up…
fit like a comfy chair.
That being said…as my WORLD is color.
Let me tell you what I think is on the horizon…

M Street
deep deep blues
Think Navy and Salmon pink
or really Navy and anything.
Navy may not be the new black but I think it is the new “brown”
Phoebe’s Room


I think Gray is here to stay for a while, but will get more woodsy
less shabby.
More Industrial.
and where there is gray there has to be some POP!
….and there is a buzz about Purple.
 I think purple is great, 
especially as an accessory.
 With Grays…


to be continued…
SURVEY: What are youR 3 GO TO colors…..

jonathan adler
You know mine!

13 thoughts on “THE COLOR ISSUE – MY COLOR PICKS FOR 2013

  1. You know the super sized crayon box … I went through about a box a month supplemented by the “just primary color” box as a child, so yes, I’m a color addict. For decorating my go to colors are blue, a bluer blue, and bluest blue, and all shades and tones of blue in between 😉 So I’m very pleased with your prediction of the 2013 colors, in fact I already have several rooms painted grey and our bedroom is a dark dusty moody purple … of course we have some blue rooms too. Have a great weekend Lesli. Robin @ happilyhomeafter.blogspot.com

  2. I love it! I painted my main floor that dusty blue last winter, and I just painted my guest room grey this spring. Does this mean I am way ahead…you know navy is my all time gave, even when navy wasn’t “cool”. I just don’t ever care, it’s a classic. Always. And a lot of other colors will go in and out of fashion (I can think of a few current trends right now but I am not going to share because I don’t want to offend anyone who may be doing in their own home and if done sparingly, you can always update quickly) but if you stick with what you love, which I think you have said before, you will always be happy. Hence my pink and green bedroom at the age of 43. I make no apologies for an aging preppie! Long live Lilly…..

  3. I LOVE the grays! My kitchen is a lighter gray with the laundry room being a bit darker. (actually it was the tester color) and it worked. But I have a poppy red/orange and black accents…I’m very pleased with it.

  4. Yes, I have fallen in love with grey, also! It’s just so soothing and serene and allows other colors to accompany it! As for the colors that seem to grace my home, it’s green (as in apple, not a muted green), black, black and more black mixed with cream, and of course makes a statement with my choice of green. Love it and have not tired of it, yet!

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