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There is nothing quite so peaceful

…as a quiet house filled with sleeping children. Contrary to a quiet empty house… cold and often uncomfortably silent… the sleeping house breathes softly and deeply in rhythm with its inhabitants. For a blissful few minutes before everyone starts to stir, I love be the only one awake and to feel the serenity and soak up the possibility of the day ahead. And….if you want to get down to it….I can think straight. This morning,  I walked by the living room, Cooper’s bedroom since his knee surgery, and  it looked so messy and yet so beautiful in the soft morning light……and I thought..”This is truly a 24 hour room right now!”…  I felt so blessed to have this space…this boy and this morning. Many many days… my home brings me to tears with the leaks and the broken windows which let the outside chill..inside…the endless fruitless list of things which need doing….but then I am reminded in these tranquil moments  that a  home…MY home…is really composed of the LIFE that lives INSIDE…and the life insideTHIS old country house is perfectly flawed… and dramatic and difficult…undoubtedly…but it is OUR lovely messy life and OUR cluttered crazy home and I love that we occupy every inch …..corner to corner….dust bunny to dust bunny….

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4 thoughts on “THE SLEEPING HOUSE

  1. Your house has soul, and souls always need tending…but they are also beautiful beyond measure. Hope you had a soul-filled day!

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