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This Chica is in DOCICA!

Hi friends! 
Do yourself a favor and
 check out this AWESOME
new online
“magazine” called 
I know, I know
who has time to read more blogs but this is an amazing
and, there is an article on me!!!
Little ole me!
check it out!
I am on pages 97-99
My Boy.

Charlie and I were doing a bit of tidying up the other day
and the sunshine came through the window and I was inspired
to take a few shots of our Master bedroom.
It is not that big of a deal…
as far as Master Bedrooms go
but I love how it has all come together.
I am having the headboard upholstered…
or slip covered…
I can’t decide. 
I think I might like some tufting? 
I need to make a trip to the fabric store!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my wall color.
I invented it by mixing 6 different reject colors together
and Voila! “Bergman Gray”. I sent the formula to Sonu, my friend at Benjamin Moore!
OOOOH speaking of Benny Moore
Have any of you seen the NEW
I will show you the pamphlets I got tomorrow!

I FINALLY put the second bed side lamp up!

still LOVE my easy Cornices! The totally MAKE the room!
if you missed the tutorial it is here

I have plans to upholster a cushion on this bench…one day...

…any hoo…the Holiday Decorations have started going up…and tomorrow we will do the tree!
Monday I will have some pictures for you. Wait until you see the Draggydandy Vines everywhere! They make it all look so festive!