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I have one magnet on my refrigerator which reads…..

“Barn Burnt Down
Now I can see
the Moon”.
This is one of my favorite quotes,
written by 17th century Poet & Samurai,
Masahide, whose barn did actually burn down,
and which inspired him to write this haiku.
I LOVE BARNS….they are one of my favorite things to paint. and I love being in them, near them, even just seeing them from afar.
My kids are trained to point them out to me on road trips…
and it seems no two are alike …..they have such distinct personalities….
.There is something so FRESH and ALIVE about a SUMMER BARN…so much potential….
“COME HOME” ACRYLIC ON CANVAS 20″ x 24″ pricing on request
I have a few favorite barns that are right down the road from me
There is one barn near me, that I used to drive by all the time just to look at.
THE FIRST time I saw it, I swear I gasped…It was so beautiful.
One summer evening I went for a drive and took a bunch of photos of my barn in the sunset.
Isn’t it amazing!!!It looks like it should be in the French Countryside to me….
I wonder if I was the last person to photograph the barn…it had been there for so many
years…who thought it would not be there forever?
ALL I know is that when
I found out the barn burned down I felt so sad.
Apparently, so did a lot of people.

and A huge effort was made to build a NEW BARN and
if not to perfectly replicate it…try to come close.
And THEY made sure it is a very fire-proof one.
Once again the drive is Heavenly…
This barn, both the old and the new one,  is the first on my list of barns to paint NEXT!!!!

11 thoughts on “TIME TO PAINT SOME BARNS

  1. Lesli, love your paintings. I should have you create me a new logo !
    I especially love it when an old barn is transformed into an antiques shop or other place to shop. The interiors really transport you back in time.

  2. Oh, I love barns too! We just did a road trip and I annoyed everyone by pointing out every one I saw that had a quilt panel painted on it. I love those ones especially!

  3. I love barns too. We own two bank barns and a third one is on the property that we rent. All are so awesome. There is an octagonal barn just down the road from me. I had the pleasure of touring it on July 4th. That was amazing. So much restorative work has gone into that barn. Too bad I forgot my camera that day. boo.

  4. Hi Lesli,
    Are all the above barn paintings for sale?
    If so, can you tell me pricing for the yellow barn over Miami and the blue barn with the turquoise sky and green grass?
    Love the colors and I love barns, too …

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