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Tip #2 PAINT IT!


For all of the decorating 
and undecorating 
and redecorating 
I do
I am always amazed when a decorating opportunity
…slips past me.
Such is the case with the Dining Room Door.
The original Front door to our 130 year old house
is in our Dining room. The house was built in sections
and what is the back was once the front.

The door remains, but it is painted shut and always has been.
On the other side of the door, on the exterior of the House, in another door
which insulates the door.

 DUH! Yesterday, while folding laundry and daydreaming about all of the millions of things I want to do to this house, I looked at the door and thought “why have I never painted that door?”

 NUFF said, I did it in about 20 minutes…

 I love how it looks. Nice architectural lines. no break in the wall. Nothing to interrupt your view.

just wait until I get the new chandelier up!
Ballard Designs is having their Lighting sale!
I am BEYOND excited!
Here is the fixture we got…

Maristead 12 Light Chandelier

Can you picture it????

…as soon as the chandelier is hung I will have a full reveal of the dining room makeover.

tomorrow…more examples of the power of paint.