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my Lois C Mitchell figurines – I love these little Primitive people!

When I was growing up, the longest I lived in a single residence was 3.5 years.

The longest I lived in any state was 7.5 years.
I hated moving…new school, new friends…new everything.
But now, as an adult and a parent, I cannot imagine how my Mom did it.
Move a family with 4 kids, 2 with special needs, to new Everythings.
over and over again…
I understand now why approximately every 3.5 years we got new
Christmas decorations.
Sometimes you just gotta cut bait.
Our entryway “console”, created by placing
a rustic piece of walnut on Anthropologie brackets!!!
My Stray Dog Designs Mirror adorns.
I love the shadow of the Front Door Wreath on the radiator. 

In my life as a parent, I have lived in only 3 houses (the apartment, the “first house” and “the forever house” –  this one) , and my kids have only switched schools once – 
from private to public.
See, when you are a kid, you don’t always call the shots
but when you grow up, it is an opportunity to make the family and the life you choose.
And who knows, maybe one day, one or all of my kids will desire to live a more nomadic life.
And they can do just that…when they grow up.

Baby #1
Tate Coltrane
These framed photos are of each of the kids, on their First Christmas
The boys, born in late summer/early fall were bitty babies
Phoebe was 8 months old her first Christmas

Baby #2
Phoebe Holiday 
Baby # 3
Cooper Ellington

I am happy to say that all of our Christmas decorations 
have stayed the same for 20 years, in fact,
I unwrapped some the other day that I got in my very first 
NYC apartment over 25 years ago! 
I love decorating the tree.
Well, I love it after I get the kids to help, 
pry them away from whatever it is they are doing
that is more important than our once a year tradition.
Sometimes I pay them.

The Baby’s First Christmas ornaments bring back the sweetest memories…

Last year, in desperate need of a new, larger tree skirt,
I bought a full/queen quilt on sale
at Target ($15.00) , and cut it in a giant circle,
then bound the edges and added some ball fringe
I had left over from some project

so I have just scratched the surface of out Holiday decorations. Over the years, I have  collected many of our ornaments at an annual Holiday Yankee
Swap Ornament exchange that my friend Kelli has hosted for maybe 8 years now!
So much fun and I just got the Paperless Post
Invite for this years shin dig!!!
More to come…
Happy Holidays!