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Transformation Part 2

…Time Traveling…
 we are now arriving at 
are you still with me?

SO…eventually I tired of the yellow. 
But what color should I paint the Living Room / Dining Room?

I stumbled upon this home in the Now Defunct 
my old most favorite
DOMINO magazine 
and knew that our home would welcome this same feeling
with open arms.
The home is actually only about an hour from ours
and  a friend of mine knows the owners and said
that her taste, the owner of the DOMINO home,




 I started with the Dining room. 
And painted it Benjamin Moore’s “Pink Cloud”
and painted the Living Room “Spring in Aspen”

 …and a few months later…I began the process of having all of the furniture RE-slipcovered again, this time in Belgian Linens, and Brown and Ivory velvets…I found a great fabric seller on bay, who allowed me to purchase all of the fabric and then pay her in weekly installments…

  …I did the wing backs in a grayish Blue Belgian Linen with Ivory velvet piping…

we had an old camel back sofa which I did in  Brown Mohair velvet…

  …and a friend GAVE me these club chairs. I striped the brown stained wood and repainted them a old blue gray and then distressed and waxed them…

I still had a ways to go with ART and rugs, 
but the lighter colors were an incredibly soothing transition.
beachy and yet, also cozy.

the sofa I copied from one I found online for $14,000!!!
My slipcover was $250 + the cost of the fabric which was also $250!!! Big difference
and it looks like Restoration Hardware sofa and we have washed the slipcover countless times!!!
Mt daughter did the watercolor fish 
over the sofa which
I matted in pink and framed
and I did some original pieces
the trees
and the pink horse to tie
it all together.

from this:


The Pink “Stray Dog Designs” Lamp I got on sale from $500 to $110. The white lamps with the blue shades are from of all places, URBAN OUTFITTERS, 
$19.99/each plus the $5 shades.

this is by no means 
the WHOLE picture
but you can see the transformation from
golds and greens
to naturals and blues….
jazzing it up!

and then we finally got some rugs…spill Pottery Bran ones, on sale, of course, which pulled
the colors all together and softened up
the whole look…

ART and moving the Dining Room…