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Transformation – Part I

  If you live with an Addiction to Decorating, like I happily do,  well, you know the drill…you start with ONE room…and then, the next thing you know, you have done 5 rooms and the color scheme of the house has undergone a complete transformation.  Such is the case with our Pink Dining Room. 

Lets time travel for a moment.

It all began in 2004, the dining/living room ORIGINALLY looked like this
(it had been done last in 1967-we actually found the receipts from the wallpaper store!):

WE knew that the rooms had great bones and we also were on a very tight budget and so, Color, was our first, and most affordable line of defense.
Remember, MOST REAL renovations take place gradually, over time, and as budgets allow. And yet, at every stage in the game, you can be happy with WHERE you ARE.

…so here, we added color,  cute shades on the chandelier…ART: the 30″ x 40″ custom Texas Folk Art House portrait on the left I commissioned and had painted by an artist I found of bay for $99!!!
Our Dining Room, when we FIRST moved in.
Our VERY First Sofa.
     Our Living Room/Dining room combination  we originally painted Laura Ashley “Cowslip” my favorite 2004 color. 

     We still had our Pottery Barn Dining table  and chairs, which were perfect in our old house, but were dwarfed in our NEW Old Country House.

…next stop…slipcovers for everything…

the a “John Stuart” Dining Room Table for $200

I got these Shield Back Chairs, which came shabbied and refinished,
on Ebay for $65/each.
My friend bought my PB chairs, for, you got it, $65 each!
I RE- upholstered the Dining Room chairs myself, each with a different coordinating print.
I got this chandelier, for $114 on Ebay, it had previously
been in a mansion in New Orleans, Pre Katrina.

 …the old dining room chandelier…was moved into the Living room…and is soon 2011, to FINALLY be replaced!!!

and finally, I trimmed the tops of my Drapes, which were original to the house.

I eventually painted and distressed the Coffee table white. 

 …furniture gets moved around as often I brush my teeth in this house….

the sideboard in the upper left corner was acquired midway through this first transformation
 and is now my bedroom dresser! and there is the piano!!!

I painted the rustic,TV cabinet a great shabby color called “Stillness”, I think by Valspar.

I painted the Mirror frame Benjamin Moore Kensington Blue

 …going through these photos and taking this trip down memory lane, is bringing back my 
Philosophy of Decorating. 
And here it is.
Do what you can…