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I woke up this morning to SNOW!!!
The FIRST Snow of the Season

Glorious snow. The world went quiet and the day became an “inside” day – plans changed – I painted with Cooper and did not look at my phone ALL DAY!

When I did check my messages I saw that I have a few requests for a tutorial for the RAGGY VINES.

Writing this brought back such great memories of making these. For a few years I made them and gave them to friends and sold them at a few Holiday Bazaars. I think I am going to order some more fabric and make some new ones for the kids!

But for now – here is the TUTORIAL

Time to make – 30 minutes to 1 hr/each vine.
supplies needed:
1. Scissors
2. Fabric scraps or yardage (approx 1/2 to 2/3 yrd per vine)
3. Rope- I use twisted sisal rope that I got at Lowes, about $6.50 for a 100ft roll.
4. Cutting board or surface to work on.
(warning- this is a very “thready” craft, you will want to do a vacuuming afterward…but it is all worth it!)
 Gather your supplies.
…score your fabric on the sides
and then tear into long strips. The width is up to you.
I usually do about 1.5 inches
stack your strips
…and then cut them into the length you want.
For smaller vines, 6″ will do, for
longer, fatter, raggier vines, 12″- 15″ strips is good.
…tie off the end of your rope pieces.
I cut mine pieces about 70″ each
and then tie off about 1 foot on either end.
I used white duct tape to secure the ends.
…lay your fabric piece under the rope
tie it on…
…and so on and so on…until you reach the other end!
You can design a pattern
or do it all the same…have fun with it!
What I LOVE about these Shabby RAGGY fabric vines is that
we can use them over and over again, every year.
They have become part of our Holiday decorations.
Part of our tradition.
…on the stair railing…


So go grab yourself some rope and some fabric and your other supplies and have fun!
It is a great craft to do with the kids of all ages!
They can put them in their bedrooms or give them to the teacher for a gift! The possibilities are endless!


  1. l am thinking what a lovely,clever, generous woman you are! Thank you for sharing your ideas, gifts and allowing us to transform our homes ….sharing your talents and ideas with us. My kitchen speaks loudly of you and l am thankful. Merry Christmas and many Blessings from Gresham, Oregon. Patty

    1. AWWWWW Patricia – you made my day! What a kind thing to say – especially when I have been to remiss about blogging. Your comment reminds me of my favorite part of blogging – YOU! Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this!! Merry Christmas, enjoy the snow and the kids coming home and best wishes for a bright New Year!

  3. Those are awesome! Can’t wait to try it! I’m thinking maybe in January/February when it is too cold to do much so they’re all ready for next Christmas. I’ll bet I can even find fabric on sale after the holidays! Thanks so much Lesli!

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