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way back when …in My Old Country House – almost every inch of the house, including the ceilings was wallpapered. When I first saw the house this was the first view I saw.
 I actually loved the wallpaper, the print is humongous and so appropriate for the large scale rooms, but the previous occupants were heavy smokers…for decades…. and the lingering effects were..well, disgusting. If you look at the above photo, and look at the far left corner, you can see a pronounced smoke stain, which you could literally “scrape” off the wall. It had to go.
     But when we began the tedious process of wallpaper removal, we discovered, yes, the hard way,  that the wallpaper was in fact what was keeping the walls and ceilings (I said every inch)  intact and that to remove the wallpaper would set us up for a whole HOST of other problems
. and, remember… we began this journey as renters, so, we were not prepared to go down that road. Thus,  we painted…every inch of the house.
   I tell you this now, because you will see the irony in my new obsession: 
 I am determined to bring it, sparingly into my Old Country House, and I already have the spots picked out. 
The far wall (with the giant mirror) in the old Dining, now pink Living room, 
and the long wall on the left (as you enter, but the right in the above photo) in the hall.
 So, in my initial searches, here are some of my favorites, 
perhaps NOT entirely appropriate for these places, 
but wallpapers that make me weak at the Knees.
and when I begin a search, I like to look at all the options and then see what pulls me in, what I don’t get sick of.
Most of these are from Thibaut who I DIE for!!! 
I mean seriously, do they know I have a weak heart!!!
OMG!!!! Thibaut!!!


and again, Thibaut

but then we have Farrow and Ball… OMG!!! Gorgeous!!
The Silvergate Papers…need I say more…clearly, I have to focus, but I have narrowed down the style…large, semi traditional but in bold contemporary colors, yikes $275 a double roll…good thing I am doing a small area..

 …oh well, time to catch my breath and count my pennies….
what do you like?