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…My whimpering dog woke me up today. I let him out. And put him right back in his crate. I fell asleep on the sofa, and woke up again, a few minutes later, to him whimpering. So I decided “it must be time to get up.”So I went into the kitchen to make some coffee and saw that it was 8:45. “wow” I thought.” No wonder the dog was whimpering.” I made coffee and flipped on the TV. About an hour later, I opened up my laptop and saw that the time was actually 7:30. This is how my day started. What does it mean?

who knows…but I know one thing…Today is JULY 1 and that means…


I put all of the names of all of my followers in a manilla envelope :
 google and email, and my son Cooper drew this piece of paper out of the envelope!
Congratulations Marcela!!!
You have won a free 12″ x 12″ pet portrait!!!
Marcela has 2 blogs which I adore and follow,
You know how when you read a particular blog,  
you are certain that if you and the blogger had a chance to meet, 
that you would indeed be good friends?  Well, I feel that way with Marcela.
Marcela is from Buenos Aries
 and her blogs are in Spanish 
and my 13 year old daughter who is taking Spanish
 has been helping me read them.
(in one month –  her 7th grade Spanish is better than my 3 years of it, MANY moons ago) 
However, you do not need to know ONE 
word of Spanish to appreciate her Blogs. 
Her design sense and her recycling of Vintage items makes her 
very accessible. 
So congratulations Marcela!!
Thank you to everyone who signed up to follow my blog.
 I now have a total of over 50 followers!
Okay so my dream of a 1000 by July was perhaps a bit unrealistic. 
I started this Blog is February, while my little boy was getting over Mono.
It has opened doors already and it has connected me to you!
What more could I want!
few things….The kitchen reveal is just moments away. 
 I promise.
I Hope.
I am getting there.
I wish I could be one of those bloggers who takes photos of each step of the process, 
take you with me, through my  nightmare absurd journey
compete with the triumphs and the cussing.
But alas, 
…I become so intertwined WITH the work
that I am unable to pry mySELF out of the process,
to comment on it.
Much the same way I have difficulty 
telling someone, namely my husband, 
what he can do to help when I am in the middle of a project.
In those moments, my feeling is
“If you can’t figure it out, If you cannot read my mind after 16 years if marriage, 
well, then, I do not have it in me to articulate 
what I am bamboozled by! 
So, carry on soldier, I will take care of this!”

I guess it goes back to my upbringing…
“don’t complain…no body wants to hear it!”
but, screw my upbringing…listen to this!
… yesterday on one of my 3x 
( I am NOT exaggerating) daily trips to the hardware store 
to get something to fix something , 
I decided to save myself a trip tomorrow, (which is today)
and to get the glass cut for the doors with the glass inserts.
 So I did, and the guy at Lowes, AL, was great, helpful guy, he cut my glass, and sent me back with a wink and a nod into the trenches. (by the way Is it summer? I’d never know!) 
And a few hours later when I go to put the glass in the door, I  discover that 
my Mathematician friend AL ,
 only one cut one side for each set of doors!!!! 
Come on! 
who has oNE sided doors???
so…later… I go back to Lowes, 
 when I am running my son to his Lacrosse game 
and my daughter to a going away party for one of her friends, 
(again, summer? slowing down? not us!)
I went to the OTHER Lowes, 
and this time Larry (who I SWEAR could be AL’s twin brother) 
cut my glass, quick and neat, it all goes off without a hitch. 
That is….Until I get home and discover that when I said “36 inches” and Larry replied “yes, 36 inches”
what he meant was in fact, he said it 3 times…and then cut 35 inches!!!
and THIS is why I am sucking it up and keeping this PROCESS 
in the kitchen and off this blog… 
even writing it my blood pressure is going up!!!!
when I get to lighting, this is what I would like to do…

this shade… 

 on this light…
over this sink….
and two of these….

…ahhhhh, my blood pressure is going down now….Happy July!
I love July! You know why, because it is summer and it is my BIRTH month!!!!

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