my old country house


This time last year

I was moving my only daughter into her Freshman College dorm room. I can remember every inch of that day. The out-of-body feeling – letting her go –  joyful and pushing down the lump in my throat. Making sure to save my tears for the car. Knowing things would never be the same.

Phoebe in here new home


This time – Two years ago – I was moving my firstborn son into his Freshman (or as the refer to it at UVA “First Year”) dorm room. Making his bed, putting away his clothes, awkwardly bumping into each other in a space half the size of his childhood bedroom,  meeting his NEW roommate for the first time. Having dinner with his roommates parents. Both us “first-timers”. Going through the motions, a bit numb and dazed and yet each movement – each feeling carried with it such special significance, like remembering the details of the day your child was born.


And today – this year I will be driving my daughter back to her school. Miraculously – it feels so okay and normal now. As it does with my son. The way it should be. Believe it or not – we have adapted. The container has taken on a new form and we have obligingly morphed into the new shape to fit.

Cooper begins his junior year in high school so I have a slight reprieve from the next big goodbye – the BIG one, he is the last…but I will not go there now. No need. We will get there in due time.


The summer with them home was wonderful. Not without growing pains, and not without the occasional bump in the road but just so special and not taken for granted.

Cherish the time you and DO NOT read ahead. It changes nothing and it robs you of the NOW.



  1. You have a beautiful family and you’re at such a special time in all your lives – enjoy the heck out of it and experience it in slow motion whenever possible! Love seeing Addie in all her puppyhood AND I miss Bean – what is he up to??!!

    1. Oh Mr Bean is good. Causing mischief and escaping every chance he gets. he loves the puppy. All 3 dogs have been fighting off an intestinal bug which has wreaked havoc on our floors and rugs!! and their tummies!!! Thanks for checking in a Bean.

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