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Double post day!!!!!                               WEDNESDAY

 is NOW
 the day where we will visit whatever
current House PROJECT I choose to highlight that week.
Obviously since we are traveling and even if I was home, we still have no power, 
no projects are happening 
but the room I am focused on right now is the under the stairs powder room.Right now it is painted 
 Benjamin Moore
My plan is to wallpaper two walls half way up with my 
Flat Vernacular Paper
…pattern “Dollface” in ….color “Phoebe”
there is a wainscoat (well a piece of wood dividing the room in halves)
and so below I have planned to install the beadboard wallpaper 
I fell in love AND USED IN MY KITCHEN CABINET RE-DO  last summer.
The floor will be this hexagon tile. I am trying it in this teeny room  to decide if I want to put it in the other bathrooms and or the kitchen.
TIP- If you are unsure about something you want to use in a large scale makeover…
use it in a smaller scale one as a tester.
Have  GREAT 4rth!!!