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Happy New Year.

Happy 2018.

here we go again – I love the opportunity to reflect – think about which direction I want to go in the new year. It is an illusion obviously because everything is already going – life is quite underway. But- the illusion gives me the chance to lay all my cards out in front of me and think “Hmmmm…what do we make of all of this…are there some we should toss…new ones i want?”

I have a number of GOALS – if we can call them that , for the new year – but like many goals –  I do not live my life in isolation -so much like dominos – each one is dependent upon another and all could change with just a gentle tap.

1. THE HOUSE – After 18 months ON – It is off the market. They did not lie when they said “older” homes can take 2 years to sell –“for the perfect buyer to come” – but in real life it is a big fat cramp! Our plan is to keep it off the market until Cooper is a senior in High School (jan 2019). We plan to do some upgrades, which will be incorporated into a new price –  we will list it and go from there. There was some last minute interest right AFTER the house came off the market (I see you shaking your head like “Isn’t that always the way!”)  – but like many who “begged” to come see the house, necessitating day long cleaning and buffing sessions – it just faded into the sunset, and much like a first date that never calls back – we were left to assume “he’s just not interested”.

  1. TRAVEL – I turn 60 this year. Stick that in your pipe and smoke that! I can believe it less than you can! But that is what my passport and drivers license says so I guess I better do it up big! I want to go to London and Paris…and that is as far as I have gotten! I have some time. But I am in good company – Ellen Degeneres, Madonna, Michelle Phieffer, Scott Patterson, Sharon Stone and a whole host of other great people turn the big SIX-OH in 2018!!!

3. LESLI DEVITO PAINTINGS  – is going stronger than ever – the website is finally gaining some momentum, sales are up and I feel like it might just have not been just a nutty dream! Thank you for ALL of your support!!!! I wish I could individually give you each a HUG!!!!

  1. THE BLOG – In the past I have done  BLOG POSTS featuring “top posts” of the year – but lets be honest here, I have not really blogged with much frequency since the house went on the market and thus most of the “greatest hits” are color round-ups (you GUYS STILL LOVE YELLOW!!!) -from years past that still pull in a lot of traffic via Pinterest.

BUT – I plan to change the blog up a bit this year –  I think that unless you are using a blog as a way to make a living with sponsored posts and guest posts etc etc – writing blog posts daily is kind of thing of the past – with Instagram, you can follow PEOPLE, ME IN FACT!   – I have 4 Instagrams, @leslidevito, @leslidevitopaintings @myoldcountryhouse and @charlieandbean (the dogs!!!) so feel free  to follow me all over the place. I am rarely on facebook or twitter but I post daily and more on Instagram. I hope to do a blog post worth reading and offering insight into the usual- life, color, house, art 1-2 times a week and more if we do renovations!! So stay tuned and follow me on INSTAGRAM PLEASE!!!!pretty please!

For now – here are MANY of the DOGS and CATS OF 2017!!!

Thank you for sticking with me. I really mean that! For being there! It is impossible to convey what your support over the years and especially this past year have meant to me. I cherish the relationships I have made VIA this blog – the world is a different place and while lots of crap = MORE is GOOD. And you in my life  – is GOOD!






2 thoughts on “WELCOME 2018. THE DOGS (AND CATS) OF 2017!

  1. Great post and best wishes for a happy New year! I love your fearless style and look forward to both your home and your family posts (I have 3 “kids” about the same age). The adorable painting you created of our Sam hangs in our kitchen where it makes me smile every day.

  2. I’ll take twice a week postings! Thank you for updating us about the house, I was wondering since it took us 2 years to sell our last house. But there is no way you can convince me you will be 60……no way. No drivers license, no birth certificate. Nope, not happening.

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