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A few months ago, I emailed my friend Erin, of House of Turquoise
and I told her I had an idea. Erin was expecting her first baby and I thought that it might be fun
to do a
I was kind of making up as I went along….and She loved the idea! Our intention was to do it before her baby boy arrived. Seems little Wesley had other plans and made his début last week!!!
So while the following was intended to take place BEFORE the little prince arrived the message is just as important now.
So Please READ on…and I will meet in the comments section!!!
Thank you in advance for sharing yourselves with Erin and Chris!


JUNE 2011






BORN AUGUST 20, 2013
6 LBS. 14 OZ.
As many of you know, Baby Wesley Alan made his appearance a few days early…
….and so, for Chris and Erin …
…Parenthood begins….
There are no doubt an abundance of friends and family in Erin and Chris’s life that will make sure that their sweet baby Wesley has every THING he needs to get up and down and all around in this world…but as we all know…it takes a village to raise a child.
…ALL of us…Erin’s followers and supporters of the “House of Turquoise” blog are a
A baby is a baby for just the blink of an eye…but childhood and parenthood is a long winding road, with twists and turns…ups and downs…highs …and even though most days feel like Christmas…yes even some lows…
I invite you all to share with Erin and Chris ...
Something from your heart…a word, a story, a bit of advice, a lullaby, a quote, a poem or even a photograph.
My hope is that once all of these “GIFTS” are collected ,
I will compile them into a book that Erin and Chris can hold and share with their little Boy one day, and let him know how many people loved him before he even got here!
Just scroll down and leave your
 “GIFTS” in the comment section below!!!


  1. My prayer for baby Wesley…

    And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.
    Luke 2:40

  2. I was never bothered by the idea of getting up in the night to feed my baby {now age 32}. I loved the quiet of the night, sitting on the special spot near the window each night I could see the moon peek out in the sky. My baby would drink his fill and snuggle down with Mommy. Just thinking about it now I can feel that little body resting against my chest, feel the softness of his skin next to mine and the sweet baby smell. The nighttime feedings were longer than they needed to be, but when it is this sweet I wanted to drink in the moments rather than tuck him back into his crib.
    Moments like these are powerful. As a Mother you will never forget and you will reach into your memories many years from now – beware, for your heart will burst every time you recall that little bundle of love snuggled up with you.

    1. In a file or notebook, jot down and keep the incredibly adorable things your pre-schooler will say to you… and remember to date them… These make the stories they most love to hear later in life… At age 3 my son asked me to “Tell the story of your sister, Solam.” I was perplexed and replied, “I do not have a sister named Solam, Sweetie.” “Yes you do!” he exclaimed, “You told me! Please tell me again!” I was confused, and moments later he said, “You do have a sister Solam and she lives in the sky with the stars and the moon, remember?” Then it hit me, “Ah, you mean the story about the Solar System?” “YES!” he gratefully exclaimed. “Tell me again about her!” …. It’s simply the greatest journey watching your child grow… and listening…
      Love and blessings to you….
      xo erin gill reilly

  3. Don’t blink, you will be the mother of adult children before you know it . Savor EVERY day. Tell him you love him, even on days (those teenage years!) when he’s not so loveable! Breathe. Label your pictures!!! You dont ever think you will forget who is who, but its pretty bad years later to identify which child you are holding by “it has to be Wesley because my hair was long and we had a blue sofa”

    1. So true. They grow up so fast. My baby is now 19 and I wonder where the time went. Take the time to play with him even when there are dirty dishes in the sink and clothes that need to be washed. Don’t worry too much about the toys and stuff everywhere. There will come a day that you will realize that you miss the chaos of a young family.

  4. So happy to hear of Wesley’s safe arrival! His birthday is a day before my son Chris arrived 32 years ago. I have loved every minute of being his mom (well, almost) and am happy for you and your husband as you begin the walk through parenthood. Blessings and love sent your way…

  5. The best advice I received came from my Mom who told me to enjoy every single moment, good and bad, for they would be gone tomorrow. This allowed me to take the time to sit and hold my daughter (now 25) for hours on end while she slept in my arms since I knew that the day would come when she was not so big on me holding her (and it did). But I am happy to tell you that kids always come back for hugs from Mom, regardless of their age.

  6. Welcome to Wesley! I love following your blog! It has inspired me to add turquoise to my own home which makes it seem happier! Who knew! I have two grown girls I adore! I was able to spend some “at home” time with each of them. I treasure the memories of baby toes and noses, and little footsteps padding behind and all around me. The time really does speed by, even when it seems forever since you’ve slept a full night(those days are new to you)! Take more pictures than you think you should, but put the camera down and make the memories together. Include all your family and friends when you can. They are a precious resource and no baby can have too many people who love him! Wishing you many magical moments together as a family.

  7. Congratulations to your family. Wesley is such a beautiful baby boy. I know all about little baby boys, being a Mother of three, now grown boys. You have so many things to look forward. Remember to make memories, take lots of pictures. Something I did with each of my boys, and now my Grandchildren was to have a special song or saying that was only theirs, usually something I sang or said ever single night I put them to bed. To this day they all still remember their special song or saying to this day and my oldest is 40 years old.

  8. Congratulations Erin and Chris. Wesley is adorable!
    The best advice I was given when expecting my first daughter was “follow your instincts”. It worked for me and, even though it takes a while to become confident with your new little one, a parent’s instincts as their child goes through life will be a wonderful guide.
    Also, I saw this the other day, perfect for a little boy’s bedroom wall!
    Wishing you all health, happiness and love.

  9. My husband and I recently found video of our daughters, now 10.5 and 14 when they were about 5 and 8 playing in the snow. What grabbed our hearts so, were the sounds of their sweet tiny girl voices and the sheer joy and wonder they found in the world around them. We have tons of pictures of them, but I would trade every stick of turquoise furniture to be able to hear their voices at every stage of their lives. It was the most precious gift to us to re-live that time in our lives. It helps me to remember those sweet voices when the tween and teen talk is e-xhausting me. My sweet little girls are still inside! Video! 🙂 peace, love and blessings!

  10. Dear Wesley & Mom and Dad~

    Welcome to the world little fellow. Your Mommy has a beautiful blog with lots and lots of turquiose, and we all love it:) May you always be loved and cherished, looking so forward to seeing little bleeps of your growing up in this journey we call life.

    Dear Mom & Dad~

    Love, love love em’…they grow up so very fast. Congradulations and God bless your family.

  11. Erin, this news makes me so happy!! He is absolutely beautiful, and as a new mom I can tell you each day is better than the one before. You love them more every day- it’s truly amazing. The sleep deprivation is tough, but the rest of it is pretty wonderful! xoxo

  12. Erin & Chris:

    Congratulations on Wesley! He is adorable. Don’t “wish” away the time you have with him…I wish he would sleep through the night, I wish he would do this or that. Enjoy each new phase as it comes. It will all be right on time. And do not blink for they grow up so quickly that you don’t even notice the time flying. I blinked and my baby boy is 22 and my baby girl is 19. It just seems like yesterday that they were little. Drink it all in…children grow up so fast.


  13. When I had the first of five babies, a dear friend, older and wiser than I, and already a mother, gave me this little tidbit: “Remember,” she said, “babies cry. That’s what they do.” I thought that was strange, but oh how it helped me in the following months! My sweet baby was colicky and bless her heart, she cried all the time. I thought of my friend’s words often and knew it was just the way my baby was communicating with me, and that I was not being a bad mother. The doctor eventually discovered a hernia that was repaired when she was six weeks old. She probably was also allergic to something I was eating, but we didn’t know those things back then. My firstborn grew into a delightful toddler, and kept maturing into the beautiful, wonderful adult that she is today! In addition to remembering babies cry, remember also that this too shall pass! The crying, the late nights, the sheer exhaustion, the endless laundry and diaper changing… it all passes! So enjoy every little second, even the crying! (And be glad that you are able to hold and comfort that crying baby. As they grow up, it’s not so easy to hold and comfort them!)

  14. I am the mother of 24 year-old boy/girl twins. I would say when you can’t believe the mess, the screaming, the naughtiness – instead of screaming yourself, take a photo. My kids and I love looking at the photo of the one day I fell asleep and they got out the stamp pad and stamps and stamped all over themselves, the sofa and walls. I put them in the tub and took a photo. I was ready to explode but now we laugh at how “bad’ they were. It feels like five minutes of my life. Ahh, let’s do it over again.
    Best wishes and I love my daily Turquoise fix!

  15. Congratulations! Cherish every moment, it is gone too soon (my babies are 40 and 37 now!) And always, always trust your own instincts, go with your gut feelings, they will never steer you wrong. God bless!

  16. Congratulations! Baby boys are a blessing! (I have a 2 and a half year old!). I will agree with what everyone else says… SNUGGLE HIM!!! I had many people tell me I was ‘spoiling’ my newborn by cuddling him. It felt RIGHT to me. I wanted to be close to him.. he was mine! He didn’t always need to be held.. now he’s busy as ever and I yearn for his snuggles (I get a few before bed time.. I lay with him for him to fall asleep.. those are special moments to me). Also, forget all the ‘methods’ that are out there.. go by your GUT. It’s your baby, your instincts.. do what feels right to you!

  17. Erin and Chris,
    Blessings on your new baby boy! As a mother of three, two girls and one boy. There is nothing like being a parent. I loved every minute, well almost! I was home with my children as they grew, and oh, do they grow fast! Spend as much time with him, let the dishes go and the dusting can wait. I loved my girls but there was something about having a son! A little man, mini Erin 🙂 one more thing, train up a child in the ways of The Lord and when he is old he will not depart from it.

  18. Congratulations! Love him, love him, love him! Patience is also very important. When you find yourself a little tired and frustrated with things, think how patient God has been with you all the time.

  19. Chris and Erin,

    Congratulations on Wesley’s safe arrival!

    Hold him. Talk to him. Hug him. Kiss him. Read to him. Play with him. Tell him you love him. Encourage him. Cherish him. Worship with him. Accept him. Cheer for him. Pray with him. Run with him. Chase him. Tickle him. Sing to him. Make truck noises with him. Teach him. Rock him. Squeeze him. Be amazed at him. Laugh with him. Listen to him. Cry with him. Have fun with him. Be spontaneous with him. Above all, just love him.

  20. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

    Congratulations on your new baby boy! May God bless each of you in the years to come.

  21. As I send my “baby” to high school in 2 days I have been thinking all week…….how did we get here so fast!!!!! Enjoy every cuddle!!!!!! God bless all of you!!!!!!

  22. Congratulations Erin & Chris!!! Wesley Alan is a beautiful little bundle, God bless him! Enjoy each & every second with him, take A LOT of pictures & videos because you will never get that moment back. Relax! We all made the same mistakes as new parents & yet our kids survived…somehow! Hug your baby & kiss him constantly right down to his lil toes. Regardless of what everyone might say, you will NOT spoil him by holding him as much as you want – trust me on that one! You will never sleep as good as you both used to, but your hearts will never be more full. Congrats again!!!

  23. Dear Mommy and Daddy,

    Welcome to the best club you will ever belong too. Be prepared for long hours, no pay, lots of poop (lots), lost sleep, endless crying, frown lines from worrying about your baby, and love like you never experienced in your life. With every challenge parenthood throws at you, their will be a matching smile, warm sticky handed hug and lots of giggles.

    Oh and pat that little bottom every chance you get, I miss that so much about my little girl. Cuddling and the patting her on her bottom until she feel asleep.

  24. Never say no to books. I never did and I have a daughter who loves to read as much as I do. It was always easy for her to get me to read 3, 4 or more books a night. Now that she’s 17, I miss that sweet bedtime ritual.

  25. My wish for you is that you will smile the biggest brightest smile, be happy most of the time / Feel brave, feel strong, be healthy and live long / Run along windy beaches, climb trees to far off reaches / Feel the sun and smell the rain / Pick blackberries on a country lane / I wish you love and laughter and lots of fun, I wish your life and dreams be full of sun ….God bless him with everything that’s good and beautiful in this life! 🙂

  26. There is no feeling quite like holding a sleeping baby. I can still remember the feeling from 39 years ago. It is such a sweet feeling.

    Wishing you happiness and a little sleep!


  27. For Mom,
    *Baby powder makes sandy feet clean before getting in the car!
    *Huggies brand baby wipes take out red wine on a white couch (confirmed after a very long day)!
    *Washable Crayola Markers AREN’T washable on white carpet! (again, confirmed)
    *Corn Starch clears a red bum in no time! *(just let little Wes crawl around commando for a bit, to air it all out)
    *Potty training works best in the summer when he can run commando in the back yard and aim at targets (trees)
    *in reply to the Mom who has the best child ever, praise her for she is insecure
    *most likely, your child will not play a professional sport, so save some money and let him play all of them and don’t be “that” soccer Mom.
    *don’t say “in a minute, I’m busy”, those minutes go quicker than you will realize.
    *relax and take lots of photos.
    *give BIG hugs
    *listen to your pediatrician, not the playgroup Mom who thinks she knows it all

  28. As a new grandmother to a new baby boy, all those memories come rushing back of another time, so full of love & discovery. One little life lesson I’d like to pass on to you is that in times of concern or when you are questioning yourselves, just relax and remember—–that baby will survive in spite of you (wink, wink

  29. Children Chapter IV
    user img
    And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, “Speak to us of Children.”
    And he said:
    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
    You may give them your love but not your thoughts.
    For they have their own thoughts.
    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
    You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
    For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
    You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
    The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.
    Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
    For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.
    © Khalil Gibran. All rights reserved

  30. The saying from the Bible is to “Teach the child according to his way, so that when he grows up he will not depart from it.” That means that you have to listen to him, evaluate what his needs are, and guide him according to his own propensities, his character, desires and strengths, and that will be what is effective in leading him to succeed in “finding” himself in all areas of life, personal and career-wise.

    It is also important to teach a child that there is a Master of the World who sees everything he does so that he will always want to do the right thing.

    It is most important to listen, listen, listen. Hear your child and show your love for him, especially when he is acting not the way you like. If a child is having a hard time, his parents are the only ones he has to turn to, and they must be available to him in the way he knows and can feel. Tell him that you understand the way he feels and that you are on his side and will help him through this tough time. He will realize it and appreciate it, even if he doesn’t show you right away.

  31. All the best with your little treasure 🙂
    Let the good fairies sparkle good vibes and shining little stars on your new family 🙂
    Best greetings from Lake Constance, Switzerland

  32. Welcome to the world! God bless you and your parents! My babies are now 23 and 18 and I would like to relive just a day with each as the babies they were…

  33. It is the BEST roller coaster ride EVER!!! Savor every up and down and thrill…it’s called memories. franki

  34. Félicitations aux parents ! Bienvenue au Bébé !
    Une fidèle lectrice de France.

    Lorsque l’enfant paraît (Poème de Victor Hugo)

    Lorsque l’enfant paraît, le cercle de famille
    Applaudit à grands cris.
    Son doux regard qui brille
    Fait briller tous les yeux,
    Et les plus tristes fronts, les plus souillés peut-être,
    Se dérident soudain à voir l’enfant paraître,
    Innocent et joyeux.

    Soit que juin ait verdi mon seuil, ou que novembre
    Fasse autour d’un grand feu vacillant dans la chambre
    Les chaises se toucher,
    Quand l’enfant vient, la joie arrive et nous éclaire.
    On rit, on se récrie, on l’appelle, et sa mère
    Tremble à le voir marcher.

    Quelquefois nous parlons, en remuant la flamme,
    De patrie et de Dieu, des poètes, de l’âme
    Qui s’élève en priant ;
    L’enfant paraît, adieu le ciel et la patrie
    Et les poètes saints ! la grave causerie
    S’arrête en souriant.

    La nuit, quand l’homme dort, quand l’esprit rêve, à l’heure
    Où l’on entend gémir, comme une voix qui pleure,
    L’onde entre les roseaux,
    Si l’aube tout à coup là-bas luit comme un phare,
    Sa clarté dans les champs éveille une fanfare
    De cloches et d’oiseaux.

    Enfant, vous êtes l’aube et mon âme est la plaine
    Qui des plus douces fleurs embaume son haleine
    Quand vous la respirez ;
    Mon âme est la forêt dont les sombres ramures
    S’emplissent pour vous seul de suaves murmures
    Et de rayons dorés !

    Car vos beaux yeux sont pleins de douceurs infinies,
    Car vos petites mains, joyeuses et bénies,
    N’ont point mal fait encor ;
    Jamais vos jeunes pas n’ont touché notre fange,
    Tête sacrée ! enfant aux cheveux blonds ! bel ange
    À l’auréole d’or !

    Vous êtes parmi nous la colombe de l’arche.
    Vos pieds tendres et purs n’ont point l’âge où l’on marche.
    Vos ailes sont d’azur.
    Sans le comprendre encor vous regardez le monde.
    Double virginité ! corps où rien n’est immonde,
    Âme où rien n’est impur !

    Il est si beau, l’enfant, avec son doux sourire,
    Sa douce bonne foi, sa voix qui veut tout dire,
    Ses pleurs vite apaisés,
    Laissant errer sa vue étonnée et ravie,
    Offrant de toutes parts sa jeune âme à la vie
    Et sa bouche aux baisers !

    Seigneur ! préservez-moi, préservez ceux que j’aime,
    Frères, parents, amis, et mes ennemis même
    Dans le mal triomphants,
    De jamais voir, Seigneur ! l’été sans fleurs vermeilles,
    La cage sans oiseaux, la ruche sans abeilles,
    La maison sans enfants !

  35. Hi Erin and Chris,
    Congratulations on Wesley Alan! He is your precious gift from God. Enjoy him each and every day and treasure each moment. They pass quickly. Love him, mold him, train him, and hold him. Read the Book of Proverbs. Proverbs 22:6 tells us, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Remember, it won’t hurt the child if you say “No” once in a while! It will be to his benefit! Be the set of parents that others are glad to see coming with their child, and not the set of parents where everyone says, “oh no, here they come, and they’ve got that kid”! Wouldn’t that be awful!! Love him and do things with him. Let him get dirty once in a while! He will love it! Get involved in a Bible teaching church. There’s nothing like a church family to back you up when times get hard! Thanks for reading this and I wish you all a long and happy life together. May God bless your home!

  36. Sevgili Wesley,
    Nette dolaşırken 7 gün önce doğmuş sevimli yüzünü gördüm. Ne tatlı şeysin sen öyle. Maaşallah, barekallah… Türkiye’den de bir selamın, tebriğin ve duan olsun istedim. Umarım hayatın boyunca doğruyla yanlışı ayırdedecek bir hikmete ve doğru bildiğin şeyi uygulayacak bir iradeye ve cesarete sahip olursun. Mutlu ol ve mutlu et… Türkiye’den sevgiler… <3
    Dear Wesley,
    While i was surfing, i saw your pretty face that has born 7 days ago. What a sweet baby you are. Maaşallah, barekallah(what we say when we see a pretty baby,which means this is something that Allah wanted, and make Allah you and your life fruitful ) İ wished that you had a hello, felicitation, and pray from Turkey. I hope, all along your life, you have wisdom that helps you distinguish bad and good and also writ and courage that help you to do the right thing you know. Be happy and make happy. Love from Turkey… <3
    PS: sorry for poor English 😉

  37. Welcome to the World, little Mr. Wesley! Congratulations Erin and Chris!!

    You’ve received tons of good advice – take what fits your life and just smile and nod noncommittally at the rest. Remember people aren’t trying to get you to do things their way, they are just sharing what worked for them. It is nice to know of new things to try when what you have been doing isn’t working or when you haven’t any idea where to start.

    In that vein, here are my ‘pearls’:

    Focus on making memories vs material items. Kids don’t need every new gadget or toy that comes along. Especially when they are little, they will enjoy the box it comes in more than the gadget.

    If you have a choice between having one parent at home or both working, pare back your lifestyle and keep a parent at home with the kids. You’ll be amazed at what you don’t need in your life and how freeing it can be; and how happy your children will be knowing that a parent is always available to them. ‘Quality time’ does NOT make up for ‘quantity time’ where children are concerned. Time with your child is the best present you will ever give them!

    I read this when my daughters were little and it helped keep holidays in perspective – kids need something to read, something to play with and something to love (a book, a game, and a doll/stuffed animal). That’s it, three gifts. No need to break the bank for birthdays and holidays. And it plays right back into allowing a parent to be home and making memories. I realize this gets harder as kids get older but if expectations are kept reasonable from the get-go, it is much easier for older children to have less expansive/expensive wants. It doesn’t hurt either if they sometimes hear parents say things like ‘I want this, but I don’t need it, and I choose to do without (or at least postpone the purchase until I can pay cash for it)’.

    Be more playful with your children – you’ll probably never wish you had been more serious with them.

    I could go on and on but I’ll let others add more … anyway … congrats again!

  38. Everyone says to enjoy every moment with your sweet new baby, but as a mom of 6 small kids, let me just say that they’re not all perfectly enjoyable 😉 And that’s OK! I want to gift you the permission to have bad days. Motherhood is an awesomely exhausting, amazingly rewarding job with some of your highest highs and some of the lowest lows. You will love it and succeed, no matter what your bad days may make you think 😉 Have a wonderful wild ride!!

  39. Congratulations! Get some of those swaddlers for dummies – the kind w the Velcro tabs to keep them together. I could never keep my babies swaddled in regular blankets but the Velcro swaddlers are like magic and babies love them – they aren’t “straight jackets” as some will suggest. And get a noise machine – set it to ocean – it’s like crack for babies. And I agree w everyone else that time does fly and you will look back at the yrs your kids are young as some of the best in your life – but it’s also easy to see that in hindsight after you are done w the also frequent moments of frustration, guilt, anger, feelings of failure, etc that we all feel as moms dealing w the day to day reality of raising little ones. It’s not all roses…try not to be so hard on yourself in those moments. And also if you are choosing to breastfeed – it is hard work! And will feel like it’s all you get done those first wks/months. If you are getting that baby fed and getting a little rest when you can, there isn’t time for much else. Welcome to the world, Wesley!

  40. God bless you and the new little one! House of Turquoise is a daily stop for me, and I am due with a second little girl next week. Enjoy this new little gift God has given you, and make the most of every day. When you are tired and frustrated (inevitable!), take a moment to marvel at the tiny fingers and toes. Motherhood is a bittersweet journey, and it will take your baby from you a little bit at a time — but you’ll get new little presents along the way, like “I love you, Mommy” and silly giggles and hand-drawn pictures. It is wonderful and heart-wrenching all at the same time. Congratulations!

  41. “Cleaning and dusting can wait ’til tomorrow …
    for babies grow up … I’ve learned to my sorrow.
    So quiet down cobwebs … dust go to sleep …
    I’m rocking my baby …. AND BABIE DON’T KEEP!”
    Blessings to you all,

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