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Tuesday afternoon, I was driving my youngest son Cooper home from school. We had been chatting, catching up on his day and my day…and then we were in the home stretch, about a mile from the house and we both were just sitting


 I was just staring out the windshield when right in front of my car…a HUGE tree limb as long the street IS wide …… just dropped. Dropped and I watched it in slow motion as my brain make split second decisions, “Cant veer left…head on traffic!”…. “Can’t go right , deep ditch!” and so I screamed, slammed on my brakes and said “Oh my God!” Cooper looked up, having never seen the limb as I slammed on the brakes just in time for the branch to fall down in FRONT of us and not ON us…and as the tree branch hit the ground and was doing its first bounce, I ran over it , my tires stopped at it and skidded it a few feet before I stopped.

I do not cry easily but I immediately burst into hysterical tears and almost threw up. The cars behind had swerved not to crash into the back of me and were all over the road and the guy who had been right behind me drove around the front of me and then over onto the side of the road and then got out ran over to my car. I heard people saying “Are you okay???” Are you okay?” and Cooper, bless his baby heart kept patting my shoulder like he used to do when he was little

…”Its okay Mama…its okay.”

I caught my breath and got back into the car and backed up my car OFF the limb and the men and Cooper carried the 3- 8 foot pieces over to the side of the road. I was still having a hard time breathing.

It all happened so fast..probably from the time the limb fell until I pulled into my driveway was 7 minutes…maybe less. But all I know is this.

NOT TEXTING and DRIVING saved my life.

NOT digging around for a hair rubber band or a CD saved my life.

I have Angels watching over me and Cooper and they protected us.

One one thousand, Two one thousand. THAT was the difference.

Behind my car was the guy that had to go around me, and behind him

….was a school bus.

Thank God. Do Not drive distracted. It may just save your life.

You never never know what the next minute holds.

Life is so precious.

my handsome baby boy!
my handsome baby boy!

We are blessed with many angels watching over us.

12 thoughts on “ONE THOUSAND – ONE , ONE – THOUSAND – TWO

  1. glad yr okay,…yes its scary…i so hate when i see many on the phone….but god bless you & yr son are okay

  2. You had someone watching over you…maybe angels from my office…a heartbreaking story of an attorney at my office whose wife and daughter were killed by a falling branch as a storm passed through rapidly. I’m attaching the article only because this really hits close to home…Thank God that no one was hurt in your situation. http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/girlsup-camp-inspires-young-women-and-carries-on-memory-of-its-founder/2014/08/18/dd33d8d6-23f9-11e4-958c-268a320a60ce_story.html?tid=hpModule_d39b60e8-8691-11e2-9d71-f0feafdd1394&hpid=z13

  3. I had a case similar when I was driving one day, I was in the Midwest and was not used to driving on sleet and my car went out of control and yes this can be scary, I stopped just before going to far down, and all you can say Is thank the heavens that I did not hit the tree, glad you made it and that you were ok

  4. This just happened in our area last week. 8 year old boy was killed when a large tree limb fall on the car he was riding in. So happy your experience had a happy ending.

  5. Your post brought tears to my eyes. So glad everyone was ok. God has his precious Angels watching over us. So thankful.

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