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and then you are gone.

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You would have loved my Mom.

She was a kick. Funny, quirky, always in motion. Most of my childhood memories are of her teaching me how to do things and flying by carrying a basket of laundry.  The hand she was dealt was not always an easy one. Rough upbringing, good too, but rough, as it was for many people who grew up during WWII. She married young and  immediately had a family ….and of her 4 children – two had disabilities, in a day and age when there were not the services and support there are today. But like most scrappy women of her generation, she never expected a rose garden and so instead she planted them!

Rose Bushes
Rose Bushes

Growing up, our flat Nebraska yard played host to 100 or so Rose bushes. Can you imagine? Raising 4 kids and 100 rose bushes? (Maybe that will be then name of my book.- “Four Kids and 100 Rose Bushes”)!! But My Mom did raise them, and nurture and care for them, and they were her pride and joy, the thing that was all hers,  and she would drive from our modest home in Lincoln, Nebraska to the big Capital metropolis – Omaha , to enter “Rose Shows”. My Mom  always came home with an armload of ribbons.  Once she even allowed me to enter what I have since found out was a new hybrid rose of the day called “Little Darling”. My tiny roses were displayed in a precious porcelain baby carriage, carefully placed by my 6-year-old hand with her help and I too came home with a trophy as long as my arm…the only trophy I ever won. I cherished it and still have it.

My Mom and my brother Ford...notice the Ciggy in my Mom's hand and the bandaid on Ford's toe.
My Mom and my brother Ford…notice the Ciggy in my Mom’s hand
and the bandaid on Ford’s toe.

My Mom died 6 1/2 years ago. I miss her every day. Especially I miss talking about the kids with her. Only the one who loved YOU that much can listen for hours on end about the ones you love THAT much and never tire of the stories and the antics. I wish she could see how grown up the kids are, how Tate is tall and handsome like her brothers and Cooper looks to be following in his footsteps. And Phoebe, I wish she could see how beautiful she is, inside and out. I wish I could ask her how she managed 4 teens…and thank her for putting up with me during my rough teen years when I rebelled and pulled away…. I wish she were here.

This was our last Mother's day ... (My Mom despised having her photo taken)
This was our last Mother’s day … (My Mom despised having her photo taken)

….and I wish my Mom could see my paintings…all which come from the place inside me that she helped grow.

You never stop needing a Mom, even when you are way too old and they are long gone. There is something she gave me that no other person on earth can ever touch. … and I miss that so much.

Happy Mother’s day.


  1. Beautiful tribute to your mom–what nice gifts she has passed on to you!! Have a great Mother’s Day!

  2. This will be my first year without my mom too. She passed away June 11, 2013 at the age of 88. I just felt drawn to your blog when I read “you would have loved my mom” because I feel the same about mine.

    I’m sure we will get through Mother’s Day with all of our wonderful memories but we will still feel the sadness…it’s still too soon.

    I do wish you the best Mother’s Day and I will think of you and hope the day will be good to you. Love from Connecticut! 🙂

  3. What a special way to honor your mom! She’s sounds like a wonderful lady! I’ve missed your posting and was happy to see a new one today. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Thank you, really, it means a lot. Truth be told, I have missed blogging tremendously and will soon be back. Notes like this make my day!!! I have missed you too!

  4. Thanks Leslie, I have hated mother’s day ever since losing my Mom at such a young age. Jealous of others. This was a great memory and helped me to remember my Mom. It is so true, no one will ever love you like a mom loves you. Ever.

    Thanks for this…


  5. Loved your mom and can’t wait to show this to my mom who as you know loved her more! How lucky we were to have learned about the importance of ‘forever friends’ from them. Happy Mother’s Day to you! xoxoxo

    1. Happy Mother’s Day Laura !!!!! and Thank you for showing this to Lois, Bonnie Jeans’ BFF….I know my Mom is looking down and smiling so happy that we have stayed in touch. She knew the TRUE meaning of friendship and I am so grateful to have learned that from her.

      Love to you allxoxoxoxoxox

  6. We always miss our moms. Mine has been gone for 12 years now. I miss her every day.
    I love how you describe yours…she sounds so special! Happy Mother’s day to you.

  7. another lovely post, thank you for sharing your lovely mother with us. I miss mine all the time.

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your mom that brought me to tears. She sounds a lot like my spunky, loving and kind grandma who passed away this Fall at 85. I know my mom feels the same things you are feeling. You are wonderful because she was wonderful! “Long after we’ve said our goodbyes, our hearts will remember.” XOXO

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