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10 Things I am LOVING right now! The little things that make my day a tad easier!

Oprah had a list…so, why can’t I?For that matter, why can’t you? What is on your list of things you are loving right now?

     Here is my list of 10 things right now that make me happy…day to day…week to week, these things are not required for living, all but one are Replaceable, materialistic things… but they  make living my life easier, more fun, organized and even prettier. 

10. Diet Coke. It really is my one vice. I keep saying I gotta cut back…but sometimes,
after a long day…or at 10:00 am….an ice old Diet Coke is just the thing I need…

9. My new hair ties. I am always baffled when I watch women with long hair, on TV doing so many activities with their hair down – athletics, cleaning, chasing kids, eating…I always have a pony tail holder on my wrist and one in my hair. I hate my hair in my face. Hate it. And recently I was introduced to these cute ones that apparently some college girl is now a millionaire for thinking of…elastic ribbon ties in a knot. I love them, they do not hurt my wrist or my hair and they are CUTE!

8. My Pink Kitchenaid Mixer. take it from me, NO one should be without a Kitchenaid mixer. They serve so many purposes, even if you are not a master chef or a baker. I have even mixed up paint in mine. It will not gather dust…it looks good out and you kids can use it which makes it fun in the kitchen.

7. My Dyson vacuum cleaner. We live in the country, and we have 6 furry pets that go in and outside and only one of them, the Wheaten Terrier, does not shed…but she still gets dirty. Add the 3 kids and their soccer cleats which house hunks of dirt, and even me and my dirty boots…despite the no shoes in the house rule which has been in existence since the kids were tiny—I vacuum and fill the canister at least once often times twice a day. I DO NOT know how I did it before. When my first Dyson broke down, I had to replace it in less than 24 hours…I am so addicted. 
6. My Easel. When I first started painting… I bought this easel on PBTeen,  because I knew it would be out all the time and I wanted it to be cute! Well, it is always out and it is cute, despite the fact that it is covered with paint(which I think just adds to the cuteness)
5. My Chevron Sofa. Since the room makeover, The Chevron sofa has become my little resting place. I literally lived on it for 48 hours after the ski accident, we are bonded. Just looking at it makes me happy. 

4. My i pad. I got it for Christmas, I still have to ask my daughter how to use it..but in the end it will help me so much in so many ways with my paintings, with my blog, with my life!

3. Ever since I was in college, as soon as the weather cools down and the jeans come back out, so do my Frye Boots. I have a beat up black pair, a brown pair and a NEW Black pair. They are me and I live in them. End of story.

(phoebe with my camera)
2. There are plenty of people who take way fewer photos that I, 
who have WAY better cameras than I do. But I LOVE my camera. 
My camera is an extension of my arm and of my memory. It is how I document everything, 
and everything is a potential photo waiting to be taken. 
And while my kids may not grow up and wax nostalgic
 about their mother’s cooking, they will 
be able to look back and recall what they looked like practically 
every week of their life .

1. It goes without saying that my 3 Children are on a list of their own. Without them…well, I can’t even think about it. But special mention goes to…My Dog Charlie – This guy is like the 4rth child I never had and still pine for. He is the light of my days when things get too quiet around here. He keeps me company and entertained, and yes, busy cleaning up his messes. Yes, I do love Dash and  Muffin… our other two dogs, but they are older and sleep a lot.
Maybe I just have a different bond with “Chuck” Charlie’s Nickname.
at any rate…he is one thing I am loving right now…
and he is the only thing on this list that is irreplaceable. 

…so there you have it. Todays list. Many many many things get honorable mention…my decorating books, my magazines, my photos -all my photos, Gram’s old ring that I got for Christmas….I think that they things you love say so much about you. What does my list say about me? 

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  1. the most important of them all is a living presence of someone who loves you the most,and that is your adorable dog charlie.

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