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Musical Beds -and the NEW Adventures of Phoebe’s Old Bed!

Musical Beds.
Thats what we have been playing….for what seems like…..
(how old is my oldest?)
…yeah, that’s right – 15 years.
I cannot think of a solid month, 
maybe even week…. in 15 years 
when every member of this household
has slept in their own bed.
….all night.
Well, unless you count the dogs…in their crates.
Either – someone has a bad dream, or someone is out of town,
or someone has a fever or a back ache or a broken heart
or a bad attitude.
Like Rosanne Rosanna-Danna Said;
“It’s always somethin!”

The latest episode of Musical Beds
has involved the following:
now stay with me this gets complicated.
The boys share a room and they each have a full size bed.

Cooper’s bed before his brother moved in

Tate’s bed – In Cooper’s/Boy’s  Room

Phoebe’s Bed – Queen

Phoebe has our old bed, 
a queen and we have a king.

Master Bed – Everyone has slept here!
Recently, Tate, the oldest announced his mattress
 ( a very expensive mattress that was my Mom’s for 3 months)
hurts his back. His solution was to move the twin mattress, 
kept in the attic for sleepovers etc, into the 
center of the boys bedroom. 

With Tate on a twin mattress on the floor…
that meant One twin bed and  Two full size Beds in One bedroom…
there was almost no floor left!.
I started
Looking at the prices of a replacement mattress for Tate
geez they get expensive!
Then I had an idea!
I discovered …that Tate’s headboard has two slots 
…one for a full sized mattress …and one for a queen size bed.
Then just last week, 
I was at the Greenwood Country store 
and I saw an adorable Vintage full sized bed for $180.
“It would look incredible in Phoebe’s room”, I thought,
but unfortunately it was full size…. wait…
So, we…
Gave Tate Phoebes Queen mattress and expanded his frame to fit a queen and gave Phoebe the full size mattress, and bought the headboard, painted it and set it up last night!
did you ever see such a thing?

 and for now anyway…Everyone is happy with their beds..
Phoebe ADORES her new bed and mattress, Tate loves his new mattress,
Cooper is happy to have some floor back in his bedroom….
and all is right with the world. 
…our little world…
Last night, everyone slept in their own beds.
One day at a time!

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