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 One year ago…today…I shared my “TO DO” – GOAL List for 2012 and last WEEK we checked in to see how I had done…

So HERE GOES…My GOALS for 2013

1. Finish the Kitchen…FINISH it. The countertops, the appliances, floor and island. This is the year!

2. Get better at photography. I got a new camera for Christmas and I would LOVE to expand my knowledge of editing and photoshop..especially the Photographing of my Paintings.

this is a photo that John took for the YOUNG HOUSE LOVE House Crash. I told him he got better shots of my home than I ever have. NOW I am going to do the same!!!

3. Okay, the House Beautiful spot in June was fantastic…but now I want to
Get a WHOLE article in a National publication.

…and now they use my photo in their adds!!!

4. Entertain once a month at our home.

5. Go someplace that requires a passport with my Family. and bring back a painting.

 6. Learn to make one new food item a week..or month..in my new oven…when it gets installed.

7. Paint every day and paint at least 100 Dogs this year. In 2012  I painted over 50!

8. Meet some of my design idols like Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner, Jonathan Adler and Tim Gunn,  Courtney Novogratz in person.

oh and Katie Couric, but that is kind of cheating because I AM meeting her in a few weeks..more to come on that!

9. Go to a Design Conference and try out for a  Design Competition of some sort.

me and the milkman at the blogher conference….
Washington Post Kids Room Contest Winner!

10. Fix all the broken windows in the house. I can dream.

There you go…TO DO in 2013. I could add about 20 more things I want to accomplish but I will start here…build on the little successes and then the big successes JUST happen.

Have you made a “GOAL” list? TO DO in 2013.
What is at the top of your list???

* the switch to WordPress
* My DATE with Katie!
 * OVEN Installation


11 thoughts on “# 2013 My GOALS AND DREAMS

  1. you are really so talented i have no doubt that by the end of this year you’ll be amazed at how much of that list you’ll have accomplished.happy new year to you and those you love.

  2. Every year I make a list of goals. When I was 38, it was 38 things to do while I am 38. Well , this year I am 39 and the list grows to 39. There are some small things like fold laundry when it comes out of the dryer but there are big items too. Have a photo published or save money for a new car. I don’t always complete the list but it is a way not to forget about some of the smaller items that I want to accomplish.

    I can’t wait to hear about Katie!!!1

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