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I intended to start this new 
the other day but the week got away from me…
Those of you who are fortunate enough to have your heart
stolen by a Pet know what I mean when I say ;
“Sometimes words cannot do the depth of love justice.”
I paint many pets who are running around in back yards and sleeping at the foots of beds today 
and I also paint pets who are no longer with us.
And sometimes, when they are gone,  like our first featured pet, the loss is tremendous.
But when we share the stories, the funny little tid bits, the way they looked at us…
the love that they gave us completely and totally under the one condition that we simply accept it….
it helps and 
It brings us closer.
THAT connection makes what I do…wonderful. 
I felt it would be nice to share some of these stories with you. 

I painted INDY last spring.
Diane (who has the blog UNDOMESTIC GODDESS)
wanted to give her mother something special to remember her dog INDY who had died two years ago.
Diane and I had one of those movie moments where THERE are two different conversations happening….I took this sentence:
“Her name is Indy and she was my mom’s baby (she passed away two years ago.)”
and mistakenly I thought it was her Mom who had passed away
hence I told her about how when my Mom passed away, we got her cat…and so on…
and then I realized that Diane’s Mom was fine and it was INDY who had died…
Oh Lesli!
well …lets just say Diane and I become good pals right away. 
fun facts about INDY:
She was the sweetest dog and loved her Mom. I mean…look at those eyes!!!
She loved having her picture taken because it meant she got treats.
  Indy went grey so early, they always joked that she had donut dust on her face.

I LOVE seeing your paintings in their homes!!! This is Diane’s Mom’s Living room with INDY over the Mantle.
This is the NEW Chocolate Lab in the family “Hazel”
Having a lovefest with some cows…

 Recently I painted 
and will share some Hazel stories later. 

Thank you for stopping by and for generously sharing your pets with me.
I can’t wait to meet your friends!

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