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I have never invested this much in MYSELF. It feels a tad like jumping off a really high diving board…like the kind in the Olympics that they do 12 flips and then knife the water. I am anxious and excited and I PRAY I do not do a belly flop.

So I may be a bit absent for the next week while I take every waking moment to get the site populated with ARTWORK and specials!

Here are 5 things you GET to know first!!!!

1. There will be PRINTS available of almost ALL of my work!

2.There will be all different sizes of originals from 10″x 10″ to 40″ x 50″

3. The address will still be –!

4. I hope to be adding more products like pillows and paper goods designed from my paintings.

5. I am getting a NEW PUPPY!


True story! More information to come. The responses have ranged from ‘”, so happy for you!!!” to “You are Crazy!” and all I can say is this : 2 of my 3 kids are away at college, my remaining son can drive himself and is more independent that ever, I work from home and I have a big yard and MORE time than I have ever had to give attention to a wee one, I LOVE animals and in particular Dogs,  I miss Muffin and I miss 3 dogs, I have lost both of my parents and too many others to count and life is too short to suck it up and get over it – I want a new puppy to love on and entertain us and round out the pack…for Charlie to follow everywhere and nurture and Bean to wrestle with..Someone we can ALL dote on….and so….On July 15 – I will pick up our new baby!

Its a Girl and the rest I will save for later!

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  1. Go for it Lesli ! Puppies love you unconditionally! Heck, you could have multiple bad hair days and wear your pajamas 24/7 and they still think you are a fashion plate. Best Wishes.

  2. Lesli, A new puppy is absolutely the way to go! With everything that has happened and is going on in your life, this will give you more love than ever. Charlie and Bean will love a new little girl to play with. Also, congrats on your new website. Go for it all!

  3. So excited for you about everything! But the puppy! Can’t wait to find out what you got! I recently got a Rottweiler puppy. She brings my joy and frustration and I love her!

  4. Lesli, we just got a puppy also! She is an aussie-labradoodle, brown and white mixed! Very cute and sweet! I was nervous about getting another dog (we have Pepsi — a 65 pounder), but it has gone really well. And as I am sure you know from owning dogs before, he really has been a big help in training her! I haven’t regretted the decision yet! It’s likely that I will be contacting you once she is a little bigger to do another dog portrait — this time it will be of Kalie! I can’t wait to hear about your puppy!

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