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Well, well well,

I am experiencing a learning curve – the likes of which I have not seen since Nursing School!

Needless to say – my lofty ambitions – those to finish my Website – little old me – in one week – is a noble goal but laughable one!

I was thinking that ME designing and building my website is akin to telling a football player “Yeah, you can play for the NFL, but dude, you’re gonna have to design and make your own uniforms and shoes….

long story short…..

I am NOW shooting for  JULY 1 GRAND Opening of my ART WEBSITE!!!

and Let me see how that goes….

In the meantime – here is a new abstract!


It took me all of 6 hours to come up with my log0 which I am going to share with you my loyal friends…

I think/hope it will work…it feels right…I actually looked up…

“What is the criteria for a LOGO?”

Here are 10

Does your logo –

1. Appeals to Customers? well?

2. Alludes to a problem I can solve? – Sure, you need color – I got color!

3. Does it make a strong impression?

4. Is it memorable?

5. Is it simple – like could you put it on a  T shirt r a business card?

6.Is it clean and have a high impact – I dunno – you tell me!

7. Does it communicate trustworthiness – Huh?I think?

8. Is it timeless? – Only time will tell!

9. Is it adaptable?

10. Does it encourage different interpretation and levels of engagement?

Geez….I am in so far over my head….But I have been much deeper than this – remember – I was as Actress who became a Nurse who became – or I like to say – WENT BACK TO BEING  an Artist…


Just might take a little longer than I thought.

That’s okay cause I got time!

Thank you for your patience!!!!

and in the meantime – I am posting daily on a 4 of my INSTAGRAMS







6 thoughts on “TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW!

  1. I am impressed you are doing ALL of this yourself! I actually love the current web site!!!!
    I went to Westen Michigan for graphic design….becoming an art teacher.
    Nice logo!!! The circles represent color and paint chips!? Can the yellow be a darker yellow? That’s the only letter that’s hard to see. Other than that, very nice.

  2. Good for you, are you braver than I would be! I love the logo, but I agree with Tracey that the yellow is faint, and actually on my screen the pink is as well. As for naming the new abstract, when I look at it I see “Summer Wedding”. Just my two cents! 🙂

  3. I love love love this painting !! reminds me of “spring rain” when you get rain in the spring it makes you want to dance and smile just like this painting ! 🙂

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