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..a little VACATION BREAK…

     It all happened …….when the little bubble of stress began to rise up and I thought….


“I NEED to write a blog post!!!!”

It was in that moment, as I sat watching my children learn to surf at Laguna beach thinking..

“Okay so MAYBE I could give up the change of seasons for THIS place and THIS life….”

….it was then that I realized that it was time to take a break.HIGH TIME To honor this time, the same way my husband is doing, as a time of VACATION,

A TIME OF  rebuilding and rejuvenation, reconnecting to my family and NOT ALWAYS saying …
I will be right there!!!!”

I know you understand and YOU KNOW I will have scores of stories to share…Oh my THE scores, …..I WILL tell you,  beginning with our adventure yesterday which led us to the CLOTHING shop of a Project Runway finalist…..!!!!! SCORES! but later.

For now…

I invite you to dig through the archives..the hundreds of posts …the Monday Makeovers and stories about my kids…and the DIY adventures….



Thank you for your understanding!

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5 thoughts on “..a little VACATION BREAK…

  1. I was wondering why you were going to blog on vacation : ) Have a well-deserved break from the every-day!

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